CRM-Project Connector

Bridge the gap between your operations and finance teams

Centralize project information within Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The CRM-Project Connector links your JOVACO Project Suite solution to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, giving your resources better access to project details. In effect, the two-way integration creates a 360-degree view of your organization’s projects. Everyone from the sales team to upper management can then access and review the same information in real time. You can also create and review project statuses in real time to stay up to date on important project details, and access project data and reports from your CRM to create dashboards and track KPIs as needed.

Create or copy projects easily
Open new projects with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and push the information you need to your financial system instead of having to rely on your finance department to create new projects. Project structures can be created automatically, reducing the risk of errors and double entries, and freeing up more of your administrative team’s time.
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Project Control
Access project dashboards anytime
Add fields and reports to create project dashboards as you would with your current Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. Integrate project information to current dashboards by adding fields and KPIs to always have this information on hand and make informed business decisions. Review information by resource role or by client to get a snapshot of a particular project or group.
Manage human resource functions
Include employee information and details concerning their certifications, trainings, and specializations. Link this information to payroll and projects to stay up to date on your resources. This can also be a stand-alone application for companies that only require basic HR management.
Find the right resources for your activities
Schedule your resources according to their availability and specific criteria. Create filters based on your needs and assign the appropriate resources to your tasks. Link projects and contracts to review activity details at any time.
Allow your managers to adjust their own invoices
Basic invoice information such as description, rates and totals is pre-populated and ready for review in the CRM. Managers can access these invoices, and add or modify descriptions and totals as required. These changes are then updated in Microsoft Dynamics GP and ready for processing by the accounting department.
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Professional Invoicing