Connect all elements of the chain

to have a global view of your projects


Specifically tailored for manufacturing, engineering-to-order and construction firms, this suite of modules helps you manage your business processes more efficiently.


3 good reasons
to choose

Extensive management of customers and contracts
By centralizing your data, you can easily follow the details of your customer files and other relevant information such as payments, requests, contracts, or agreements with creditors.
Rationalization of your procurement process
ETO Suite is a powerful solution that streamlines all aspects of your purchasing process, from requisition to invoicing, so that you can effectively manage your requisitions, requests for proposals, purchase orders, and product catalogs.
Effective monitoring of costs
ETO Suite lets you enter and follow project costs in real time with detailed bills of materials that can be linked to specific projects or activities. You can also define the nomenclature of your products and track project costs from the same place.