MAR 01

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Launch

Feature #2

Web Client
Jean-Claude, President

There have recently been many discussions about what the cloud and ERP solutions. With this latest version of Dynamics GP 2013 it is now possible to have a web interface with Dynamics GP2013. Within this latest version, you can keep your software on-premise or you take full advantage of the Web interface that allows you to work from anywhere via the web.

The integration of all modules to migrate to the Web Client will be a phased approach. The financial and distribution modules are already available and the launch of the modules for Human Resources and Payroll is scheduled for March/April 2013. JOVACO is also working hard to finalize the integration of its Web Client for Project Suite which is scheduled to be ready for the French version of Dynamics GP2013.

To get a sneak-peak of this new version, check out this video.