MAR 22

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Launch

Functionnality #5

Inventory Control
Robert,Vice President, Consulting Services

Microsoft Dynamics 2013 simplifies daily tasks for the distribution sector by providing powerful features to increase productivity.

  • Inventory Control: To facilitate product tracking, it is now possible to select multiple serial numbers at the same time by holding down the Shift key. With a view of your inventory history, you can quickly find inactive items or change your costs.
  • Order Processing: An alert notifies you when an item has not been fully invoiced. It is now possible to follow the serial and batch numbers as well as advance payments for these orders. For greater control, GP 2013 offers the ability to add a password to restrict access to authorized users in order to close orders.
  • Sales Order Processing: Print items on the return slips, combine multiple orders in a single invoice and reduce the time spent tracking payments. All orders are in the workflow and contain the same contact information, currency and payment terms.