AUG 01

How a plastics
manufacturer took advantage
of Microsoft Dynamics GP
to stand out from
its competition

Managing the costs and delays is a priority in the plastics industry. In order to remain competitive as a plastics manufacturer, it is critical to choose an ERP that can be implemented quickly. A North American company was having issues merging all its information and needed to replace multiple and obsolete systems developed in-house with a powerful solution that could grow with the organization.

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP, the company was soon able to streamline its operations and significantly improve its services, allowing it to strategically reallocate its resources all while reducing its administrative costs by half.

Since Microsoft Dynamics GP offered a familiar and intuitive interface, the employees were able to easily and quickly adjust to the system. The manufacturer has been able to take more informed decisions thanks to a global view of real-time production and a strict monitoring of data such as costs or inventory levels.

This manufacturer now possesses all the necessary tools to keep up with deadlines, expand its client base and meet the increasingly complex demands of its customers. Not only has the company reached its business objectives, it also improved responsiveness and productivity.