SEP 18

New Release of Dynamics CRM 2015 Announced

The customer relationship management platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is constantly evolving. The 2013 version had brought a complete overhaul to the system in order to optimize the interface ergonomics as well as introduced the concept of process management. Since then, there has been a constant influx of new features and releases almost every 6 months.

Microsoft continues to push this product forward as it was announced this week that the new version of Dynamics CRM will be released in the fourth quarter of 2014. The goal of this new release of CRM 2015 is to bring (even) closer the worlds of sales and marketing. It will allow both groups to have an even better understanding of the impact of the campaigns that have been launched and the activities that have been planned by the different groups. One of the new major features that will support this objective will be a new Sales Collaboration Panel for client-targeted marketing efforts. On top of this, there will also be additional functionalities for the marketing module such as increased segmentation possibilities and resource management, just to name a few.

Productivity has been an important objective for the development team and this will remain a key word throughout this upcoming CRM release. There are plans for additional integrations to the Microsoft solution stack, including Office, Skype, Yammer, SharePoint and Power BI.

See the initial Release Preview Guide to learn more about what is coming up and planned for Dynamics CRM 2015.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM continues to evolve at a pace that is faster than we can keep up, so for those who haven’t had the chance to check out the latest major release from this past spring, here are some of the highlights:

New module – Social Listening: This tool gives you the ability to stay informed at all times by following the trending topics on brands and products via social media. You can configure your application so that you may receive notifications based on keywords, conversations or events. There are also dashboards with charts and graphs that will allow you to give you more insight to what’s going on in the market place as well as be more proactive in order to outsmart your competition.

New marketing platform: This robust marketing tool will allow you to manage your entire marketing campaign from the planning phase to the post-campaign analysis. Here are a couple of the most interesting features:

  • Mass e-mailing capabilities: Customize the content of your emails by sender, recipient, subject and content. The integration will allow you to trigger messages to be sent to clients based on their behaviour, so that your email will always reach them at the most opportune time.
  • Drag-and-drop visual campaign editor: Plan when and by which channel you would like your contacts to receive their information. This intuitive visual designer simplifies the creation of integrated multichannel campaigns so you can generate more qualified leads.
  • Reports and dashboards: Have a better understanding of your marketing campaigns with out of the box performance reports

New features for the service module: With the acquisition of Parature, the customer service software tool, this module will continue to evolve over the upcoming months to meet the various needs of service-oriented companies. Here are some of the latest updates:

  • Service Level Agreement management: Create business rules so that you can be assured that the appropriate people are being notified based on your customer’s current service agreement. Triggers can be personalized and set based on your different levels of support contracts.
  • Timer: Support requests should be resolved as soon as possible. The timer controls give you an overview of the time spent on solving a case. With accurate reporting, your customer service team is able to maintain its quality of services.
  • Additional features that will make your customer case management easier: Merge cases, create parent-child groups when change orders are involved and queue enhancements, among other many new additions to this module.

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