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Minimize the costs of your digital transformation with the C3i tax credit
January 6, 2022 - by JOVACO Solutions
Did you know that tax credits and financial aid are available to Quebec SMBs looking to implement an ERP or CRM business management system? The C3i tax credit, for example, applies to the purchase of IT hardware and software. Read our article to learn more about options available to reduce your implementation costs.
Move forward with your ERP/CRM project thanks to financial aid
January 23, 2024 - by JOVACO Solutions
If you are considering investing in a new integrated management system for your organization, now is the time to take the leap: Quebec SMBs in a variety of industries can now benefit from financial aid and tax credits. The goal of these initiatives is to help Quebec organizations improve their efficiency and productivity, better support the growth of their business, and remain competitive on global markets with the implementation of management systems.

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