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The best time for an ERP/CRM implementation is yesterday!
January 23, 2023 - by JOVACO Solutions
The implementation of a new ERP or CRM system is a long, complex project. For this reason, many organizations choose to postpone their implementation project while they wait for the right time … but in truth, there never is a right time! As such, it's more important than ever for businesses to create this opportunity. JOVACO tells you how!
Change management, the key to a successful ERP or CRM implementation
November 24, 2022 - by JOVACO Solutions
Often neglected, change management however plays a key role in the success of an ERP or CRM implementation. Indeed, it doesn't solely depend on the choice of the system or processes in place! To ensure the success of your project, here are five key points to ensure an optimal change management.
No digital transformation without cultural transformation
September 20, 2022 - by JOVACO Solutions
Many take digital transformation to mean the choice of technology or system, but it is in fact an organizational transformation supported by technologies. Here is how you can make sure your organization's digital (and cultural!) transformation is a success.
MS Dynamics 365 BC
Ensure the success of your system implementation despite the labour shortage
September 8, 2022 - by JOVACO Solutions
With the labour shortage seemingly here to stay, it's more important than ever to offer your employees the right tools to overcome their daily challenges. Find out how you can ensure the success of your ERP or CRM implementation and minimize the impact on your team!
MS Dynamics 365 BC
Minimize the costs of your digital transformation with the C3i tax credit
January 6, 2022 - by JOVACO Solutions
Did you know that tax credits and financial aid are available to Quebec SMBs looking to implement an ERP or CRM business management system? The C3i tax credit, for example, applies to the purchase of IT hardware and software. Read our article to learn more about options available to reduce your implementation costs.
MS Dynamics 365 CRM
Planning Your ERP or CRM Implementation: The Secret of a Successful Implementation
August 11, 2021 - by Jonathan Chatel
An implementation project is always a long and complex process. However, some firms often start their implementation project without having properly thought about their needs and objectives. Jonathan Chatel, Director of Business Development at JOVACO Solutions, talks about the importance of planning your ERP or CRM implementation to ensure its success.

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