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12 Days of JOVACO Project, part 1: Learn more about JOVACO Project tools

December 17, 2020

The holiday spirit is now well established at JOVACO! As such, we have decided to present you the 12 Days of JOVACO Project, highlighting a few benefits of our project solution. This blog in 2 parts introduces a few of the project tools available with our JOVACO Project solution, hopefully in an entertaining way! Read on to know how project-based and professional services firms can benefit from it!

On the first day of JOVACO, my partner gave to me:

1 project tree structure

JOVACO Project lets you create projects with an unlimited quantity of levels. As such, you can manage all your projects from a single platform, regardless of their complexity! Project tracking is greatly facilitated as a result. Learn more by reading our article Why Professional Service Firms Need a Powerful Project Accounting Solution.

2 new project modules

JOVACO Project now offers two brand-new modules! Make accurate project estimates with JOVACO Project for Estimation and increase your analytical capabilities with JOVACO Project for Analytics. To get an overview of these two modules, read our press release about the launch of JOVACO Project for Estimation and Analytics.

3 deployment methods

Cloud, on premises, hosted … or even a hybrid! Deploy your JOVACO management solution with the method that best fits your organization’s needs, structure, and technological vision. Our consultants will be happy to advise you regarding the deployment of your new solution. In the meantime, read our page regarding the available deployment methods to learn more.

4 easy ways to enter your time

TEDI Time and Expenses facilitates time entry with various options. Make a search by name or project code, or use recurrences, favourites or import options to enter your time easily. As such, users can enter their hours while reducing the risk of errors and necessary adjustments. Visit our TEDI Time and Expenses page to learn more about our timesheet and expense report application.

5 project reports

Project profitability, project transactions, WIP aging, project evolution, project status: have real-time project reports in hand to know all the details of your projects at a glance! JOVACO Project for Analytics puts at your disposal project reports available out of the box, without customizations required.

6 modules for project management

As a complete project management solution, JOVACO Project offers 6 fully integrated modules to manage your projects from A to Z. These modules were designed and developed in partnership with Quebec firms to meet their actual needs. Find out more about our modules on our page for JOVACO Project!

Here are a few of the project tools and benefits offered by JOVACO Project. To find out more about how your organization can benefit from a project management solution such as JOVACO Project, read our article Top 5 Project Management Features to Look for in a Project Accounting Solution. Keep an eye on our blog to see the second part of this series and end the year on a high note!

December 22, 2020 - By JOVACO Solutions
Last week, we presented you the 12 days of JOVACO to highlight some of the project tools and benefits offered by our project management solution, JOVACO Project. Read the second part of this blog to learn more about the possibilities available to you by implementing JOVACO's business management solutions within your organization!
December 9, 2020 - By JOVACO Solutions
Project management involves different teams and users that all need access to the same project data under different angles. As such, JOVACO has developed a solution that includes specialized modules allowing each team to contribute to the organization's projects quickly and efficiently. Read our blog post to see how this works throughout an entire week in the lifecycle of a project.
November 19, 2020 - By JOVACO Solutions
At JOVACO, we develop our products in partnership with our clients to meet the actual needs of professional services firms and project-based firms. Our timesheet and expense report application, TEDI Time and Expenses, has been enhanced this year based on our clients' feedback. Read on to discover how project-based firms can benefit from advanced timesheet features.