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12 Days of JOVACO Project, part 2: Learn more about JOVACO project tools

December 22, 2020

The 12 days of JOVACO are continuing this week, introducing new aspects of our project management solution! Indeed, last week we published a blog presenting some of the project tools available with JOVACO Project. We’re thus ending the year on a high note with the second part of this series! You have a project-based or professional services firm? Learn more about how you can benefit from JOVACO’s management and project tools!

On the first day of JOVACO, my partner gave to me:

7 days in the life of a project

JOVACO Project lets you manage your projects throughout the entire week, from a reminder to complete your timesheet on Sunday to payroll transfer on Thursday, not to mention KPIs for the week on Friday afternoon! To learn more, read our article One week in the Lifecycle of a Project with JOVACO Project.

8 months of remote work and all the tools to support it

This year, most organizations have had to learn to work differently. JOVACO worked hard to provide you with tools to help you begin your digital transformation and facilitate remote work. If you want to know more about the remote tools available to you, read our article Optimizing your ERP and CRM Microsoft Dynamics solutions for Remote Work.

9 industry-specific solutions

A solution adapted to the specific realities of your industry is essential to manage your operations efficiently. JOVACO has developed industry-specific solutions incorporating the best practices and business rules of various industries. Learn more about the various industry-specific solutions developed by JOVACO.

10 years of CRM implementation

JOVACO has been implementing the Dynamics 365 CRM solution since its launch under the name Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As a result, we’re very familiar with this solution and have several certifications for its implementation and maintenance. Visit our Microsoft Dynamics 365 page to learn more about the features of this flexible and robust solution.

11 specialized consultants

JOVACO owes its reputation to its team: our specialized consultants are available to answer your questions and accompany you throughout the implementation and optimization of your business management solution. Contact us anytime and one of our ERP or CRM consultants will be happy to answer your questions.

… and only 12 minutes to complete your timesheet!

Designed for project-based and professional services firms, TEDI Time and Expenses accelerates your invoicing cycle by letting your employees enter their time and expenses in no time! Read our article No more excuses! Get all your timesheets on time with TEDI Time and Expenses to learn how TEDI can help you gather your organization’s timesheets quickly.

And this concludes the 12 days of JOVACO! We hope you enjoyed this series! JOVACO continuously strives to develop project tools and solutions that meet the actual needs of professional services firms, and this will of course continue in 2021! We have several projects planned for next year and are eager to share the results with you!

From the entire JOVACO team, we wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!

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To end the year on a high note, we have decided to present you the 12 Days of JOVACO, highlighting a few of the project tools available with our project management solution. This blog in two parts presents some of the ways project-based and professional services firms can benefit from JOVACO Project, hopefully in an entertaining way!
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Project management involves different teams and users that all need access to the same project data under different angles. As such, JOVACO has developed a solution that includes specialized modules allowing each team to contribute to the organization's projects quickly and efficiently. Read our blog post to see how this works throughout an entire week in the lifecycle of a project.
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