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5 Reasons We Love Microsoft Power BI

December 22, 2016

Here at JOVACO, we’re big fans of the business intelligence application Microsoft Power BI. With new features released every two weeks since July, Power BI offers a ton of tools to visualize, organize and share information.

With its intuitive interface and cloud-based access, it can help your organization take its data analysis and manipulation to the next level, uncovering new insights to galvanize your business.

Here are five reasons why we love Power BI:

  • Import your data into Power BI easily to start working on it immediately
    Import data into Power BI from a variety of sources to start visualizing and sharing it right away. These sources include Excel workbooks, content packs as well as both cloud and on-premise databases. Within your new dashboard, your data is ready to be filtered and displayed as you want it for additional insights into your business.
  • Visualize and analyze your data with a variety of charts and graphs
    Create reports, dashboards and KPIs to visualize your data in real time and make more informed decisions. The wide variety of types of charts and display methods at your disposal allow your different departments to view and review the data as they need it.
  • Transform your data to make it more meaningful
    Power BI makes it easy for you to transform your information and cross it with sources other than your ERP system. This gives you the autonomy to manipulate data as needed without having to resort to developers to create them for you. You can link, merge, add or remove datasets and highlight relationships with a minimum of effort to make more informed business decisions.
  • Tailor the information to the various members and departments of your organization
    Everyone across your organization can view the information that they need, how they need it, without having to request it from another team, increasing productivity and efficiency from everyone in the organization. Different views and dashboards can be used by the various groups of your organization to slice and dice the data that is relevant to their roles and responsibilities.
  • Improve access to information across your entire organization
    As Power BI is a cloud-based solution, users can have access to it from anywhere. They can then access and interact with reports and datasets that have been shared with them. That way, managers can react quickly to changes in even the most time-sensitive situations, while resources obtain the information that they need to perform their tasks efficiently.

These are only a few of the things that Power BI can help you achieve. Whenever we show our clients the possibilities that are available to them, they are always thrilled and inspired to see how they can leverage the full potential of their data and use it in new ways. Power BI helps everyone across your organization make more informed decisions by giving them access to the exact information that they need.

For more information, read this article to learn how to use Microsoft Power BI for enhanced reporting with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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