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Case Study: Better Project Control with Power BI Dashboards

August 26, 2019

JOVACO loves Microsoft Power BI, and not without reason: this business intelligence solution takes your data analysis and visualization capabilities to the next level with an array of powerful tools. Customizable dashboards and diagrams provide firms with the specific data they need in an easily consumable format, providing new insights for better decisions.

Power BI aggregates information from multiple data sources, including your project management solution such as JOVACO Project, then makes it available from your Microsoft Dynamics ERP or CRM system thanks to robust integration possibilities. This allows organizations to make the most of the wealth of data stored in their various systems by manipulating it using the data analysis and visualization capabilities of Power BI.

This is how JOVACO helped a consulting services firm that needed to extract and sift through large quantities of information relating to projects, client and staff from their Microsoft Dynamics GP solution. This data then had to be circulated easily across the organization to various managers and departments for their own specific analysis and review.

The main points that the firm needed access to were:

  • Employee productivity
  • Client profitability
  • WIP and collections management

The information was not aggregated together into a single view: project managers had to consult multiple reports, which made it hard to review year-over-year details without manipulating the data in Excel first. To overcome this challenge, JOVACO created clear and concise dashboards allowing users to easily review and consume the information relevant to their tasks and responsibilities. The various project managers and executives across the organization can now do this without having to review lengthy SSRS reports or requesting data from the finances team.

While predefined and preconfigured dashboards are available out of the box, working with a database specialist allows you to configure the dashboards based on your specific needs. Your various teams and users can then obtain the exact information they need, making the most of your Power BI solution. Moreover, as a cloud-based tool, Power BI can be accessed from anywhere via the device of your choice, and can also be integrated to Microsoft Dynamics solutions for a unified, user-friendly experience.

For more information, visit our Microsoft Power BI product page or contact us if you want to know how Power BI can help your organization overcome specific challenges.

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