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One Size Does Not Fit All: Finding the Right CRM Solution for Your Organization

December 3, 2019

The flexibility of a CRM solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is one of its main advantages. You can adapt the solution to your business processes to ensure it works with your organization, and not the other way around.

But this means it’s also possible to go too far and stretch the solution beyond what it was designed to accomplish. Not only can this cost you more in the long run, but you may never be fully satisfied with your solution as the effort required to maintain such a system can be quite cumbersome.

Understanding the goal of a CRM solution

To avoid this, it’s important to understand the core philosophy of the product you’re evaluating. Not every system fits every company: depending on your specific industry and realities, you may have to either modify some of your processes or keep looking for a solution that better meets your needs.

As the name indicates, a customer relationship management solution is meant to focus on the clients, customers, and contacts of your organization. Most solutions are designed to centralize this information and bridge the gap between your various departments. The CRM puts real-time information at their disposal, displayed according to their specific objectives and responsibilities.

The flexibility of the CRM is what makes it possible to tailor the information according to the specific needs of various departments and users. However, the different solutions on the market all have their own characteristics.

How to select the right CRM solution for your organization

Your implementation partner should be able to tell you which solution is more suitable for your objectives, industry, and price range. They will let you know if you are attempting to rebuild a system that already exists or if an alternative may be your best bet, such as an integration between your systems. Look for implementation partners with CRM certifications, experience in your industry, and long-term clients to ensure they can guide you properly.

A fit-gap analysis is also a crucial step before any implementation project, as it allows your partner to understand your needs and your specific environment. It may be tempting to skip the analysis phase as these mandates are usually billable, but this will help you save on costs in the long run and ensure you make the most of your CRM solution. The analysis phase ensures you have the proper tools and appropriate budget in place, and will also give the implementation team a better idea and vision of what they can expect during this project.

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