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How the cloud and Microsoft Teams are helping with the digital transformation of organizations

July 26, 2019
MS Power BI

The subject of digital transformation was at the heart of the annual Microsoft Inspire conference, which JOVACO recently attended in Las Vegas, NV. Bringing together all of Microsoft’s products for three days of conferences and information sessions, Inspire truly represents the vision of “One Microsoft” of recent years.

This vision is further realized with Microsoft Office 365 integrated applications, which now include the Microsoft Teams tool to provide a common workspace for all users. File sharing, web conferencing, discussion groups… users have all the tools they need to improve collaboration, communication and teamwork with this new shining star in the Office suite.

Entirely cloud-based, Teams is proof of the place now occupied by the cloud in Microsoft’s vision. Indeed, the cloud and Microsoft Common Data Service are two key elements of the digital transformation within organizations, allowing to connect different parts to increase the overall efficiency of the whole. By providing a single place to store and access your data, the Common Data Service facilitates analysis, custom application development and integration.

Microsoft’s Power Platform is another example of the digital tools now within our reach. Microsoft’s advancements in artificial intelligence offer many opportunities for companies to facilitate and automate processes, improve analytical capabilities and make accurate predictions. PowerApps, Power BI and Microsoft Flow are all tools that make use of these innovations so that users can benefit from them.

Improvements are constantly being made to Microsoft’s existing range of products, along with a wide variety of digital tools to improve business management and analytics. We came back from Microsoft Inspire excited by this new shift in Microsoft’s evolution and now have plenty of new ideas to help our customers become more productive.

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