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Implementing a CRM: A company decision

March 2, 2022

What I’m about to say will seem obvious, but the different teams of an organization have specific priorities, which means that they have their won expectations and needs when it’s time to implement a CRM. This is why the selection of a new CRM solution should be a company decision, and not rest on any one team.

In my experience, management is often looking for sales team productivity and performance reports. However, they may not have access to the CRM or may not be using it if they have to access an additional platform. If the sales team is looking for a CRM, they usually look for tools that will improve the management of their pipeline and help them win more opportunities.

This is why your entire organization should be involved in the selection of a new CRM. By considering the needs of your different departments, you will be able to choose a CRM that will meet your long-term vision and benefit everyone, not just one team in particular. You will be able to increase synergy across your organization, maximize the return on your investment, and automate your processes.

For example, a fully integrated system like JOVACO’s solution provides all the data management needs from a single platform. It also offers visibility on the sales pipeline to better plan operations. The sales team, for its part, has access to all relevant data when clients call (past invoices and communications, etc.), which helps them provide better service and increases upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Thanks to our experience with numerous implementation projects, JOVACO accompanies professional services firms through the selection and optimization of their business management solutions to make sure the entire organization can leverage their full potential.

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About the author

Jonathan Chatel is Director of Business Development at JOVACO Solutions since 2017. Thanks to his various professional activities, he has since deepened his knowledge of Microsoft technologies and business solutions, a world that evolves so quickly it can be hard to keep track. He is now sharing his knowledge of Microsoft products in everyday language to keep you informed about this fascinating universe.

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