MS Dynamics 365 CRM

Using the business process flow of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

June 9, 2022

One of the main benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform is all the customization options it offers. Among other things, it lets you customize a business process flow to guide users through the various steps of completing a task, for example your sales process. JOVACO explains how this feature can improve your sales process and the performance of your sales team.

Why use a business process flow?

The Dynamics 365 process flow lets you standardize the sales process throughout your entire organization, from lead generation to the client signature. Users simply have to follow clear steps to complete the process, which greatly facilitates their work. This also reduces the number of errors and oversights, and makes it much easier for a new user to take over files.

The process flow also makes it possible for managers to easily view at which step of the process leads are. They can quickly see for how long the lead has been open, and if a given step of the process tends to stagnate and requires a specific strategy.

How to fully leverage it?

Before customizing your process flow, it’s important to define your sales process and the steps that are relevant to your organization. For example, you can start with lead qualification. You must then identify the fields required at this stage (for example, the need, industry, etc.) before moving on tot the next step.

Certain fields can be marked as mandatory before the user can move on to the next step. Conditions can also be added to the process, adding steps depending on what has been entered by the user. The process flow can be easily configured by using an intuitive, user-friendly designer.

Where to start to implement a process flow?

If you’re thinking about implementing Dynamics 365 CRM modules within your organization, make sure to take the time to define the different steps of your sales process. By identifying the data you’re looking to capture, you can more easily identify the required fields. Once the process flow has been customized according to your needs, your sales team will quickly see the benefits. And if it doesn’t quite match your sales process? Then don’t hesitate to adjust it after using it for a while!

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