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New features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 2022 release wave 2

August 17, 2022

The second 2022 release wave for Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be available this fall, and Microsoft revealed upcoming features and enhancements for the Marketing, Sales and Service modules. Here are some of the new features that seem most promising!


Automated handoffs to sales

This feature will help you improve your conversion rate by creating sales activities, for example tasks and phone calls, directly from Dynamics 365 Marketing. Your leads will get the necessary follow-ups from your sales team at the right time.

Custom channels

In addition to built-in channels (emails, push notifications, and SMS), it will be possible to add custom channels, for example apps such as WhatsApp. This means your organization will have more flexibility and control over the customer experience it provides.


Tracking Microsoft Teams chat as activity in the timeline

This feature will offer more visibility to users on the various Teams chats associated to a given record. It will be possible to view them directly from the timeline, and also to search the timeline for better follow-ups.

Sharing records in Dynamics 365 App for Outlook

Thanks to this new Dynamics 365 messaging extension for Outlook, sharing links will be even easier than before. Users will be able to insert Dynamics 365 records as information cards that will display key data directly from the email body.


Using dynamic text in signature templates

This feature will facilitate the management and creation of signature templates for users thanks to dynamic slugs, instead of having to type out their name and title. The system will automatically insert the information corresponding to the slugs in your signature to keep their format consistent.

Callback automation

Instead of having to wait, your customers will be able to retain their spot in the queue and receive a callback when their turn arrives. The system will automate callbacks to reduce long waits and increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Of course, the entire Dynamics 365 platform will benefit from new features and enhancements! We will share with you some of the new features for the Power Platform shortly. For more details, review the 2022 release wave 2 plan for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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