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Improve User Access to Dynamics 365 with Power Apps

February 18, 2021

In the past years, more and more organizations have adopted Microsoft’s vision of a fully integrated system. Microsoft Dynamics 365 was indeed designed as a platform from which businesses can carry out all their operations. Depending on your specific role within an organization, you may need access to specific tasks that are particular to your organization. This is where Microsoft Power Apps comes in. By using Dynamics 365 with Power Apps, you can build specific business processes and forms for your organization to truly enhance your experience.

What are Power Apps?

Power Apps is part of the Microsoft Power Platform. It lets you create your own apps with no or little code to streamline processes and create functionality that may not exist natively within Dynamics 365. As an extension of Dynamics 365, it lets you access and build on information already available in the Microsoft Dataverse (previously known as the Common Data Service) so that other users of your organization can leverage this data from a single platform. For more information about Power Apps and how to create them, read the Overview of creating apps in Power Apps on the Microsoft website.

What can you use Power Apps for?

These custom apps are useful when your needs sit outside standard sales or service requirements. They can be especially useful for industry-specific processes and will help with the flow and exchange of information across your organization. With everything they need gathered together in one single app, users have an easier time completing their tasks, increasing productivity and efficiency. Power Apps help you tailor your Dynamics 365 solution to your specific needs, so the platform truly feels like it was made for your organization.

How can you improve user access to Dynamics 365 with Power Apps?

Another great benefit of optimizing Dynamics 365 with Power Apps is that it can help lower your license costs. With custom Power Apps, people who don’t require access to the full CRM can still view and enter the information relevant to their role. These users can manage approvals, activities, or accounts, for example, without having access to the complete list of opportunities or all prospect details. A couple of pricing options are available (per app or per user), allowing you to choose the best plan for your needs.

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