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The tools of an effective digital marketing campaign

October 14, 2021

We recently posted an article explaining How to Implement an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy, in which our partners at ClickDimensions shared their tips and tricks to adapt your marketing strategy to an increasingly digital world. This time, we’re sharing with you more about the tools that will help you create effective digital marketing campaigns to connect with your clients and leads every time!

Automated campaigns

Often called nurture campaigns, these campaigns let you keep in touch with your audience and adapt your communications based on their past interactions and activities. In other words, when a client or prospect interacts with a component of your campaign, the automation tool triggers a new element.

This means you can create a personalized experience for a large audience. While emails are usually the foundation of an automated campaign, you can incorporate other means of communication, for example phone calls, SMS, social media, etc. This means you can stay in touch with your clients by inviting them to events, sharing news about your firm, or proposing new products and services.

Landing pages, forms, and surveys

The success of a digital marketing campaign rests largely on data. As such, these tools are indispensable as they help you capture data on your clients and prospects.

Landing pages

Landing pages expand your website and increase your conversion rate by eliminating distractions and proposing a clear call to action. They most often include forms or surveys that your clients and prospects can fill out.


Forms allow your clients to enter certain information to download additional content, register for an event, or request a product demonstration. They help you obtain the contact information of your clients and prospects, and stay in touch with them with future communications.


Surveys help you obtain more information and data than a simple form. For example, you can survey your clients (and even your employees!) to obtain feedback on an event, service, or product.

Event management

The pandemic had a huge impact on how businesses organize and manage their events. Virtual events are now much more widespread, as they allowed organizations to stay in touch with their clients and prospects despite lockdowns and social distancing. Events remain powerful engagement tools for your campaigns. You can organize webinars to demonstrate new product features or services, user groups, virtual roundtables, internal events for your employees, and much more.

Social media

The role of social media has only increased since the beginning of the pandemic. According to market research firm eMarketer, one third of people regularly use social media. As such, they are an unavoidable communication tool for businesses. They can be used to spotlight the corporate culture of your business, announce webinars and events, and even be used as the first line for customer service.

Social media give businesses the opportunity to connect with their clients and prospects, improve brand recognition, and increase their pool of potential clients. They also help you know what your audience is saying about you, and adapt your campaigns and messaging accordingly.

The key to a successful digital marketing campaign

Ideally, your digital marketing campaigns should incorporate several of the above components. For example, if a user fills out a form on your landing page after clicking an ad, you can send them an invitation to a webinar, a follow-up, and a satisfaction survey after the event in question.

ClickDimensions is a marketing automation solution that works natively with Microsoft Dynamics 365. It puts at your disposal all the tools you need to create and manage automated digital marketing campaigns. It also helps you analyze the data and performance indicators relevant to your firm to properly gauge the success of your marketing campaigns.

Want to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ClickDimensions can help you create effective digital marketing campaigns? Contact JOVACO.

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