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Dynamics GP October 2019 Feature of the Day Roundup #3

October 21, 2019

Following the recent release of the new version of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft has been running a blog series called Dynamics GP October 2019 Feature of the Day, showcasing some of the new features that are now available. Each week, JOVACO will be posting a roundup of the features of the day.

Here is our third feature roundup:

  • Fiscal Period Window Size Modification: The default size of the Fiscal Periods Setup window will now display more than 12 periods without requiring additional scrolling, saving you a few clicks. The window previously only displayed the first 8 periods by default.
  • Display User who Posted on Journal Entry Inquiry: The user who posted the transaction in the General Ledger will now be displayed in the Journal Entry Inquiry and Transaction Entry Zoom. Previously, a custom report or SmartList was needed to get the information.
  • Add Class ID to Fixed Assets Transfer Windows: One of the top features requested by partners and users, this allows users to transfer the class ID for an asset via the Asset Transfer Window, or the class ID for a group of assets via the Fixed Assets Mass Transfer window.
  • Visual Cue for EFT Vendor on Edit Payment Batch: Another time-saving feature, the Edit Payment Batch window now has a new visual cue showing if a Vendor is set up for EFT. This way, users can avoid selecting non-EFT Vendors by mistake.
  • Date Options in SmartList: New SmartList search options will filter transactions by Prior Month, Prior Period, Next Month and Next Period. Instead of manually updating these dates every month, you can now simply save a SmartList, and transactions will be filtered automatically based on the current user date.

We hope that you’re enjoying these new features! If you would like to know more about the new version of Dynamics GP or want to start planning the migration of your system, please contact us.

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