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Dynamics GP October 2019 Feature of the Day Roundup #4

November 11, 2019

Following the recent release of the new version of Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft has been running a blog series called Dynamics GP October 2019 Feature of the Day, showcasing some of the new features that are now available.

Here is our fourth feature roundup:

  • Item Stock Inquiry filter by date: This feature allows you to filter results based on a date range for a quick view of the item’s ins and outs for that date range. Options to sort by document date, document type, and document number are also available.
  • Exclude Inactive Items on Item Price List: Inactive items can now be included or excluded on Item Price List reports for less clutter, thanks to a simple checkbox in the Reports menu.
  • Minimize Transaction when Go To is selected for Existing Purchase Orders: When choosing the Go To action after saving a Payables Transaction, this transaction will be minimized instead of being closed and deleted if the option to Warn if Vendor has Existing Purchase Orders is marked in the payables setup. With this feature, users can now review POs for the Vendor without losing the data they’ve already entered.
  • Save setting for Display new PO message (prevent future prompts): When creating a Purchase Order with the Purchase Orders Preview window, a prompt makes it possible to skip displaying the new POs. A new setting is now available to skip prompt entirely and select which setting should occur.
  • Inactive field added to Item SmartList: An Inactive column is now available on the default Item SmartList, making it possible to filter inactive items out quickly.
  • Display User ID in Item Master Table: A User ID column has been added to the Item Master Table, making it possible to track down who last modified an item. This User ID column can also be added to the Items SmartList for better visibility in the user interface.

We hope that you enjoyed our feature roundups! Keep an eye out on Microsoft’s blog to find out more about the features newly available with the latest version of Dynamics GP. If you would like to know more about this new version or want to start planning the migration of your system, please contact us.

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