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Learn how to Optimize Microsoft Dynamics 365 with this new eBook from ClickDimensions

February 3, 2021

A brand-new eBook was just released to show you how to optimize Microsoft Dynamics 365. Created by ClickDimensions, this eBook gathers the advice of Dynamics 365 experts so that you can leverage the full potential of your solution. JOVACO is proud to have contributed as CRM and Dynamics 365 expert.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a robust CRM solution that helps organizations reach their business goals. However, as with any other technology, you need to know how to leverage its tools. The tips and tricks listed in this eBook will help you optimize Microsoft Dynamics 365 to better reach your goals. These tips cover a broad range of topics: strategy and organizational mindset, often-overlooked features, mistakes to avoid, and tips to become a Dynamics super-user.

Our Sales and Marketing Director, herself a CRM super-user, contributed her expertise to this eBook. She talks about the mistakes that organizations most often make following the installation of Dynamics 365. Make sure to read the solutions she shares to avoid these mistakes and optimize Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Click here to download the eBook Optimizing Microsoft Dynamics 365: CRM Experts Share Their Advice for free.

ClickDimensions develops and provides marketing solutions for Microsoft Dynamics users. Developed directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365, the ClickDimensions marketing automation tool helps you offer an optimal experience to your clients. Interested in implementing ClickDimensions’ marketing solution? Contact JOVACO.

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