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How to Migrate Your On-Premises CRM to the Cloud

May 16, 2019

The cloud is an important aspect of any digital transformation, and for this reason organizations may want to consider migrating their on-premises CRM to the cloud. In our recent article, we talked about the benefits of doing so, namely in terms of accessibility, security and flexibility, not to mention reduced costs related to infrastructure and to the integration with Microsoft Office 365.

Is your organization ready to take the leap? JOVACO is here to help you stick the landing. Here are three options to migrate your CRM to the cloud depending on your specific circumstances:

  • In the case of a system that is obsolete or that does not fully meet your current needs, migrating to the cloud offers the opportunity to redefine the needs of your organization and continue your digital transformation from a cloud-based platform adapted to your current needs. In this situation, we will opt for a new CRM implementation and migrate your data with the system import functionalities.
  • Otherwise, Cobalt’s Migration Dynamics allows you to migrate on-premises CRM data to the cloud without interrupting your operations. An intelligent mapping automatically recreates relationships and records online, exporting all your CRM data without downtime. However, this tool should only be used in the case of a new CRM Online organization being configured and if all on-premises customizations are to be imported there. The result will be an identical replica of the on-premises version in the cloud.
  • If the data to be migrated does not only originate from Dynamics but from other sources as well, or if we want to push this data towards an existing CRM system, KingswaySoft’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Software allows you to do exactly this. This tool makes it possible to bring data from another system or CRM instance into an existing CRM, for example in the case of company acquisitions or mergers.

As an accredited Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), JOVACO has completed the migration of numerous on-premises CRM systems to the cloud. Our team of experts is available to answer your questions, identify the best migration method for your organization, and assist you throughout your digital transformation.

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