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Leave Request Management Now Available with JOVACO Project Timesheets

May 21, 2020

After several versions, our time and expense module TEDI.5 isn’t missing many features, but this one was requested by many of our clients, and we listened! JOVACO is proud to announce the release of our most recent timesheet feature, leave request management. This new feature allows employees to easily request vacation or other types of leave to their manager directly from their timesheet application.

What does this mean for employees?

Once you know your vacation dates, you can easily view them within your leave requests, and you can also quickly verify where your request is in the approval process. Once approved, these dates will be entered directly into your timesheet to the appropriate time code, so it’s not necessary to enter them manually.

You can also view your PTO bank and accumulated hours while filling in your leave request, which allows you to better plan your vacations.

What does this mean for direct managers?

You no longer have to track these requests through email, spreadsheets, or any other creative way you were using to manage this in the past. You will be notified when a new request falls into the queue, and then can easily approve or reject it based on the time remaining in the employee’s PTO bank.

Having all requests in one view also makes it easier to plan the availability of your resources, especially when more than one team member is requesting leaves at the same time, such as during the summer. It will also keep track of all types of requests so that you can review them later or as a reminder for future periods.

What does this mean for project managers?

Project managers now have visibility on days off directly from their planning calendars, allowing them to see at a glance the days when staff doesn’t have any available time. This facilitates planning and makes it easier to optimize the utilization of resources.

We’re confident this new feature will facilitate communication between the different groups when it comes to vacation requests, and keep making TEDI one of the most robust and complete timesheet application available.

Learn more about all the other features available within our timesheets.

Already have our timesheets and would like to start using this feature? Contact our support team to schedule the update.

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