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Optimizing your ERP and CRM Microsoft Dynamics solutions for Remote Work

September 10, 2020
MS Dynamics GP
MS Dynamics 365 CRM

The last few months have brought their share of changes (not to say disruptions!), and most businesses have had to learn how to work differently. JOVACO wasn’t spared, but also made every effort to provide its clients with tools and processes that can better support remote work.

Approval workflows, integrated timesheets, cloud solutions … these tools will not only help you support your operations while your employees work from home, but also help you start off the digital transformation of your organization. Here are a few options currently available to you:

Take advantage of a web-based timesheet

Collecting and approving all timesheets across your organization can be a challenge if your employees are working from home. Advanced timesheet features, for example web-based access and a multiple approval process, are now essential. For more information, visit the webpage of our TEDI Time and Expense application or read our article to learn how to support remote work with a web-based timesheet.

Migrate your CRM solution to the cloud

If you have not already done so, it may be time to consider moving to the cloud. You will have flexible and mobile tools at your disposal to ensure the continuity of your operations no matter where your users are located. JOVACO has recently put together an eBook to help you know what to expect when migration your customer relationship management solution to the cloud. Click here to download our eBook Migrate Your CRM to the Cloud.

Optimize your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution

Several options are available to you to optimize your Microsoft Dynamics GP solution and make it more user-friendly, even remotely. Approval workflows can be used to facilitate many processes and adapted to your specific criteria. When triggered by a certain action or event, associated actions take place automatically. Electronic funds transfers (EFT) also allow you to pay your vendors and suppliers directly instead of by cheque.

Are you interested by some of the tools mentioned above? You have already implemented them and want to optimize their use within your organization? You want to know what your next steps are? Do not hesitate to communicate with us to tell us more about your current challenges and our consultants will be happy to help you.

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