MS Dynamics GP

New Version and Three-Year Roadmap Announced for Dynamics GP

October 2, 2019

The next version of Microsoft Dynamics GP will be released on the week of October 7, 2019. With this new version, the branding for Dynamics GP will be consistent with other products such as Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Version numbers will no longer be used, with the product benefiting from continuous releases throughout the year, with a feature release every October. As such, Dynamics GP will join the Modern Lifecycle Policy, similarly to how Dynamics 365 is being run. This policy covers products and services that are supported continuously, offering more support and functionality as resources will be not be spread over different versions and customers stay current on the latest available system.

Just under 40 new features have been announced, improving functionality and usability in three main areas:

  • Financial enhancements
  • Workflow functionality
  • System enhancements
  • And as usual, a selection of top feature requests from customers will also be added to ensure that the solution meets the specific needs of its users.

Microsoft is also running a blog series called Dynamics GP October 2019 Feature of the Day to showcase some of the new functionality that will become available with this new version. The first 5 features of the day that have been shared so far are as follows:

  • User Setup Workflow: One of 4 new workflows added around security, this workflow lets you add a new user or edit an existing one, submitting the changes to one or more approvers.
  • User Security Workflow: This workflow allows you to edit the security roles assigned to a user and the modified reports they can access.
  • Security Task Approval and Security Role Approval: Security role approval lets you assign roles to users and set up which tasks they can perform, while security task approval lets you set up and edit the operations of the tasks in question. Any changes made will be submitted for review and approval for enhanced security.
  • Export or Import Workflow: This new workflow feature lets you export or import workflows from one company to another, without having to recreate them from scratch.
  • Copy Report Options: This feature lets you take an existing report option to create a new report with your preferred report settings.

JOVACO is pleased to see Microsoft’s renewed commitment to Microsoft Dynamics GP and we are looking forward to our customers benefitting from the new features that have been announced. Please contact us for more information or to start planning the migration of your system to the new release of Dynamics GP.

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