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What to Do with Your Free Time this Summer

June 17, 2020
MS Dynamics GP

This year, summer is probably going to be very different for many of us. Our big plans to get away for a couple of weeks have probably been put on hold, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still take advantage of the nice summer months ahead.

Summertime usually means a slowdown of operations, making it the perfect time to check a few things off your to-do list. At JOVACO, we’ve been working hard to make progress on those neglected projects. Here are a few things to pass the time this summer that we hope can be of inspiration to you:

1. Sales: Clean up your prospect and contact lists

Up-to-date data is so important, yet so hard to maintain. Take this time to review your lists and update your contacts to be ready in time for fall. Your information will be good for another year that way, and it might even give you a chance to catch up while your contacts have more time to chat with you as well.

2. Marketing: Review your campaign automations

Although the idea behind these products is “set it and forget it”, it’s still a good idea to review them occasionally. You may have some updated brochures or other documentation that you can use, for example. It’s also a good time to analyze your current campaigns to see where people drop off or which ones are more effective. Don’t have a marketing automation tool? It’s a good moment to implement one as you will have more time to design and plan your campaigns.

3. Operations: Could your dashboard use a little facelift?

You’ve started using Power BI, meaning you’re on the right track, but there’s still always this one piece of information that you have to get from your Dynamics GP or CRM? Your priorities have evolved over the past year and some information in your dashboard has become superfluous? Take the time to think about what you really need, want and use, and brainstorm with others who use the same report to see what they think. Instead of a new backpack to start the year off right, you’ll be getting a new dashboard!

4. Finances: Look at adding workflows to streamline your approval process

It takes time to think up the different scenarios you would like to put into place, but once your new approval workflows have been implemented, you’ll be thankful you did! Start by reading our blog post on the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP approval workflows to see the different possibilities that exist.

5. Executive management: Get your creative juices flowing to optimize or realign your business in 2021

Here are some reading suggestions from JOVACO’s management team to help you rethink your business. Traction: Get a grip on your business: if you’re looking for inspiration to improve efficiency in your organization, this is the book to read. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: not every team is perfect, but this book will teach you how to make your team even more solid and cohesive. Looking for something to help your personal communication skills? Check out Radical Candor to become better at giving constructive feedback.

Do you have other things on your summer wishlist that you would like to tackle? Let us know if we can help! That way, you can take advantage of your summer to ensure you begin the fall season on the right foot.

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