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Ensuring a Successful Remote Implementation for Your New ERP or CRM System

January 21, 2021
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Happy new year, everyone! We were all looking forward to leaving 2020 behind, but here in Quebec we are back in lockdown! The difference is that we are now much better equipped to overcome this challenge. For this reason, I wanted to tell you about JOVACO’s experience with our clients and the lessons we learned from the first lockdown. You will have a better idea of how to ensure the successful remote implementation of your new ERP or CRM system.

Before lockdown, JOVACO was used to visiting our Quebec clients in person. Our consultants could spend an entire week on site and were rarely in the office to maximize their travel time. As a result, client meetings were very intense, and could last all day and stretch over the whole week. Of course, this impacted employees’ daily work as they had to set their normal tasks and activities aside.

In March last year, we were in the middle of an implementation project for one of our clients. We had even launched an on-site training program but had to put everything on hold to quickly implement remote work instead. The client had never experienced a remote implementation before and was concerned about potential delays. However, JOVACO already had experience with remote implementations outside Quebec. The market being very large outside the province, these firms are often used to this approach.

The client trusted us, and the implementation project was a success. Here are the essentials of a successful remote implementation:

Ensuring a successful remote implementation #1: Communication

Remote communication involves several challenges. For example, it’s easy to miss an email or misread its contents. For this reason, it’s important to hold regular video conferences to talk face to face and avoid confusion. Here are a few tips to ensure an efficient remote communication:

  • Provide regular reports.
  • Explain, reexplain, and re-reexplain as much as needed until you’re sure that all participants understand.
  • Use video to facilitate communication and make things friendlier. Turn on your cameras!
  • Opt for meetings that are shorter but more frequent to give people time to do their homework! Shorter meetings also have less impact on employees’ work and that participants are more focused.

Ensuring a successful remote implementation #2: Project management

Whatever the situation, change management always represents a challenge. As such, it’s important to keep an up-to-date list of follow-ups to be done and refer to it often. Also give yourself the chance to improvise: you can’t prioritize everything, so make sure to stay flexible. We also recommend 15-minute scrums every morning with the main decision-makers. In preparation for the go-live, you may want to hold scrums both internally and with the client. We also recommend a meeting one week prior to the go-live to ensure everyone is on the same wavelength. There can never be too many video conferences!

Despite challenges, we have learned a ton over the past year. Remote implementations are an interesting approach under any circumstances. Firms that put their implementation projects on hold due to budget concerns can even benefit from financial aid and tax credits now to complete their projects.

If you want to learn more, read our articles How to Implement a New ERP System Remotely and How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement can Support Remote Work.

I’m wishing you once again a very happy new year 2021!


About the author

Jonathan Chatel is Director of Business Development at JOVACO Solutions since 2017. Thanks to his various professional activities, he has since deepened his knowledge of Microsoft technologies and business solutions, a world that evolves so quickly it can be hard to keep track. He is now sharing his knowledge of Microsoft products in everyday language to keep you informed about this fascinating universe.

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