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Deliver your projects on time with a resource planning module

April 7, 2022

Resource planning has become a critical issue for many businesses. With the labour shortage currently going on, many firms struggle to meet client demand. However, a resource planning module can help you maximize the capacity of your resources and deliver your projects within the timeline. Here are a few common pain points that a resource planning module can help you solve.

Delayed project deliveries and timelines

This is the main issue that businesses are currently confronted with. However, a planning tool can help you reduce delays and avoid overruns with a better understanding of your resources’ availabilities and schedules, and an improved planning of their workloads.

Difficulty to react to changes

A lack of visibility on the capacity of your personnel can make it hard to react properly when unforeseen circumstances arise. This is another reason why you may be interested in acquiring a planning module. You will be better equipped to face any situation and will not have to postpone the delivery of your projects.

Uneven resource occupation rates

Some of your staff members are benched while others struggle with their workload? A resource planning module lets you optimize your teams’ occupation rate and their workloads to maximize their capacity.

Lack of visibility on required effort

It may be difficult to provide your clients with accurate estimates if you suffer from a lack of visibility on the effort required to complete your various project tasks. However, project data updated in real time can help you better estimate, plan and deliver your projects, and ensure the satisfaction of your clients.

Internal communication issues

Lastly, a lack of proper planning can create internal communication issues and hinder collaboration between your various teams and departments. Look for a planning tool that integrates to your management system and timesheets so that everyone across your organization can benefit from accurate, up-to-date data.

A resource planning module puts at your disposal the necessary tools to better understand and optimize the occupation rates and workloads of your resources. Make sure to look for a tool that integrates to your project management solution and timesheets like JOVACO for Project Planning. You will benefit from a view on the availability and schedules of your employees, and will have all the tools needed to optimize the planning of your projects and deliver them on time.

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