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Keeping Your Business and Customer Data Secure with the Cloud

February 11, 2020
MS Dynamics 365 CRM

Did you know today is Safer Internet Day? An initiative of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the European Commission, Safer Internet Day is meant to promote privacy and security over the Internet. With so much of our lives happening over the web, it is a growing concern for many.

Of course, businesses and organizations also need to hold their end of the bargain and ensure that their data, including customer data, is stored safely. As businesses rely increasingly on the cloud and Internet portals to support their processes and get in touch with their clients, online security is more important than ever.

How to keep your business data secure?

With cyberattacks and ransomware threatening businesses, organizations must maintain high levels of security at all times. Cyberattacks may not only cost your business thousands of dollars, if not millions, its reputation may never recover from such a blow. As malware becomes more and more sophisticated, it is important to stay on top of developments and constantly evolving regulations and laws.

But not all organizations have the internal resources necessary to keep up. For SMBs in particular, cloud-based business management solutions can be an attractive option, as they remain constantly up to date. This means that your organization runs on a platform that benefits from the latest innovations in terms of security, allowing you to protect your customer, employee, and corporate data.

But just how secure is the cloud?

As business solution providers are accountable to both governing organizations and clients, great strides in terms of cloud-based security have been made in the past few years. This means analytics that identify risks and suspicious behaviours, reliable data backup, and secure access across all platforms, including mobile.

Microsoft, for example, has more than 3,500 security experts and invests US$1 billion every year into R&D to provide services and products with the highest level of security possible. Multiple levels of protection are in place to keep the cloud environment and its data secure, while security features are built into the solutions to keep them accessible and user-friendly.

How can your organization make the Internet safer?

More and more people turn to online retail or choose to contact retailers, businesses and organizations over the Internet rather than in person. Numerous products and features are now available to facilitate this experience: for example, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement puts at your disposal web-based, interactive portals allowing you to connect with your clients, while e-commerce solutions are designed to reduce the risk of data breach and keep payment information protected.

For these reasons, SMBs can benefit from the latest innovations in terms of data security and privacy with a cloud-based business management solution such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. This way, your customers and clients can trust you to keep their data protected for a safer web experience.

Not sure if your system is up to scratch? Contact your provider or get in touch with JOVACO, and we can help you figure out if your data is as secure as it could be.

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