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In the professional services industry? Look for a project-based ERP

June 16, 2022

The professional services industry represents an important market globally, but traditional ERPs aren’t designed to meet their needs. Indeed, most ERP systems are designed for manufacturing or distribution businesses. This is why professional services firms should look for a project-based ERP. Jonathan Chatel, business development director at JOVACO, explains why.

Professional services firms have specific needs, and a project-based ERP adapted to this industry can meet them. With more than 25 years of experience in the professional services industry, JOVACO has accompanied more than 250 firms in this industry, and developed features to meet their specific realities, for example:

  • Multidepartment, multicurrency, and multicompany features;
  • Flexible invoicing rules to automate the invoicing process and manage complex criteria efficiently;
  • Budget management, project progress and profitability tracking in real time;
  • Accurate WIP calculations at all times;
  • Project data available in real time and equally accessible by both the operations and finances teams.

By looking for a professional services industry specialist, your firm will benefit from their expertise to put in place a project-based ERP that meets your needs as well as management best practices. While there are several ERP partners in Quebec, JOVACO is the only one specializing in project-based management for the professional services industry.

One of our values is know-how. As such, we only accept projects for which we have the required expertise. Our team is made up of ERP experts with 10 years of experience in the implementation of project-based management solutions on average, and who speak the language of services firms.

We accompany firms throughout the selection and implementation process to steer them in the right direction for their future growth. This is what sets JOVACO apart, and why professional services firms trust us to support their long-term growth and leverage the best practices of the industry.

Want to know more about how a project-based ERP such as JOVACO Project can help your professional services firm? Read our article Professional services firms: solve your pain points with a project management solution or contact me.

About the author 

Jonathan Chatel is Director of Business Development at JOVACO Solutions since 2017. Thanks to his various professional activities, he has since deepened his knowledge of Microsoft technologies and business solutions, a world that evolves so quickly it can be hard to keep track. He is now sharing his knowledge of Microsoft products in everyday language to keep you informed about this fascinating universe.

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