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Why Implement an Integrated ERP System Within Your Organization?

July 23, 2020
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As Director of Business Development at JOVACO Solutions, I frequently exchange with prospective clients looking to implement a new business management system within their organization. For this reason, I thought I would share here a typical situation that I often encounter with our new clients operating in the professional services industry.

Many clients think they have an ERP system, but in fact most of them have a financial system with 1 to 4 peripheral applications that are not integrated to the accounting solution. They all too often still use the same financial system that was put in place when the organization was originally founded. As the financial system is limited to accounting, these organizations have to later implement other products to manage the rest of their operations. These additional solutions can include project management, timesheets, resource planning, and a CRM, for example.

The result is an in-house system that is often both heavy and obsolete, and that includes spreadsheets and other non-integrated applications. When these organizations consult JOVACO, none of these various applications are connected together. This makes it very difficult to obtain a global picture of project profitability and progress. The administrative team has to use Excel spreadsheets to transfer data, which increases the risk of errors. The invoicing process is long and manual. Moreover, the various departments have to work in silos. Ideally, project managers should have real-time information to manage their projects and their profitability properly, but in reality, they usually obtain these details once a month, when it’s far too late to react or make adjustments.

As experts in real-time project management and integrated business management systems, JOVACO provides clients with a fully integrated ERP system from which they can manage the entirety of their operations. As all operational transactions also include financial transactions, JOVACO ensures this information is reflected in real time throughout the entire system so that all users have access to the data they need to work effectively and efficiently.

Once JOVACO has implemented the new system, our clients are properly equipped to sustain their business growth in the long term. It’s of course no secret that organizations looking to implement an ERP system wish to increase their business growth, so JOVACO makes sure they have all the tools they need to get there.

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About the author

Jonathan Chatel is Director of Business Development at JOVACO Solutions since 2017. Thanks to his various professional activities, he has since deepened his knowledge of Microsoft technologies and business solutions, a world that evolves so quickly it can be hard to keep track. He is now sharing his knowledge of Microsoft products in everyday language to keep you informed about this fascinating universe.

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