How can you optimize your operations with an integrated solution?

Benefit from a system that integrates the best practices of the accounting industry to meet your needs and challenges.


Standardize your mandates

Automate the creation of new mandates to track different services and to standardize the tasks associated to your billing activities.


Finalize invoices faster

Partners can modify texts and adjust amounts themselves, reducing back-and-forth communications with the invoicing team.


Improve your reporting capabilities

Associates can easily access client details and review the profitability of their accounts and of the different services offered.


Centralize your client information

Find contact information easily and create relationships between different contacts.


Set up approval workflows

Maintain control of your accounts with approval workflows for mandate creation and billing.


Understand staff targets and capacity

Review your staff’s billable hours and productivity rates to better understand their performance levels.

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How can your organization benefit from this tool?

Manage your WIPs in real time

Timesheets integrated to the accounting system allow partners to review the status of their accounts and the time that has been accumulated as work in progress. This information is calculated in real time as staff members enter their hours.

Easily create invoices based on your clients’ preferences

Mix and match invoicing templates to meet your clients’ needs. Select specific templates, rates and invoicing based on the type of service. Distribute the amount against current mandates and WIP.

Manage the utilization of your resources

Budget your staff’s potential billable hours by month and then compare them with actuals to have a more accurate view of their performance levels.

Integrate business development activities

Get the intelligence you need about your current client base to find up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. Link email and marketing campaign activities to your accounts so that your partners are aware of the information that they are sent and the events that they have been invited to.

Review the profitability of your different services

With structured project accounting software, you can pull reports on the different services offered by your organization as well as by department or division. Slice and dice the information to analyze the health of your firm and discover new business opportunities.

Manage client groups and accounts

Gain business intelligence in regards to the connections of a particular client. By having the ability to create client groups, partners can review their entire portfolio and profitability or drilldown to a specific client.

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Benefits for every user across your organization


Improve cash flows and reduce the number of write-offs. Time is billed faster, which reduces the risk of disputes regarding invoicing charges. Have better visibility into the profitability of your different services and operations with mandates that are automatically allocated to the appropriate accounts as soon as they are signed.


Make your invoicing process faster by reducing back-and-forth communications between the billing team and your partners. Managers can review and adjust time, totals and comments directly into the invoicing module, eliminating the need for your billing team to re-enter the information sent to them. Also, fewer adjustments are required since the timesheet is integrated to the financial system. As such, the mandates are available in the timesheet so that time can be coded to the appropriate account.

Staff Members

Mandate codes already exist within the timesheet application, so staff members don’t need to look around to figure out where they must enter their time. Contact and client information is centralized, which makes it easy for them to access and update the information, ensuring that everyone has access to up-to-date details.

IT Director

Integrating your applications within the Microsoft platform reduces the time required for future updates and migrations as the information and tools are based on the same technology. Fewer customizations are required, facilitating upkeep and increasing reporting possibilities.

Every aspect of your organization will benefit from an integrated solution. Read our eBook on why you should integrate your CRM to your financials and discover the different staff members’ points of view.

Signs that you may need a new system

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