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Benefit from a management solution for accounting firms that incorporates best practices and provides all the tools you need to overcome your daily operational challenges. Integrate your operations from mandate to invoice with a business management solution specifically designed for your industry. Streamline your processes, maximize your billable hours and lighten your associates’ workload during the busiest periods of the year.

Are these situations familiar
to your organization?

Need real-time visibility on data

The information is sometimes already out of date by the time you receive it. You need a real-time view on unposted hours and profitability by partner, service or employee.

Complex invoicing process

You have specific requirements regarding invoicing, both for mandates and invoice types, which require numerous manual interventions.

Advanced needs in terms of budget and planning

You need to track your various mandates in real time to better control your budgets and optimize resource planning to complete all your mandates on time.

Data scattered in several systems

You have to request the reports and data you need from other departments or offices. As a result, you lack a global vision of your firm.




Optimize your processes

Workflows improve efficiency by automating certain processes, for example the creation and opening of new mandates and budget approvals. The various members of your organization can then better focus on priorities.


Manage your WIPs in real time

Timesheets are integrated to the accounting module, which lets you review the status of accounts and the time accumulated as work in progress. This information is calculated in real time as staff members enter their hours into the system.


Improve access to information

Centralize all your client data and always find what you’re looking for. Client groups offer a global view and facilitate invoicing, while your mandates, invoices and communications are centralized and available when you need them.


Accelerate your invoicing cycle

Meet your clients’ various requirements and accelerate the process with a flexible invoicing module. Calculations are automated from within the timesheet, and associates can adjust invoices themselves, reducing back-and-forth communications with the invoicing team.


Improve reports and analysis

Benefit from robust reporting capabilities to better track the profitability of your different accounts, departments and services. This allows you to better analyze the health of your organization and discover new business opportunities.


Maximize resource utilization rates

Benefit from improved visibility on the utilization and productivity rates of your resources to better understand their performance levels, optimize their workloads and maximize the number of billable hours.

for all users

Better visibility on key data
Improve your cashflows, accelerate your invoicing cycle and reduce the risk of write-offs and bad debt. Associates can also benefit from improved visibility on the profitability of services and operations as mandates are automatically linked to the right accounts as soon as they are signed.
Accelerated processes and invoicing cycle
The invoicing process is streamlined, which reduces back-and-forth communications between administration and associates. Hours are automatically entered into the right account, while the integration between the timesheet and financials reduces the number of adjustments necessary, accelerating the invoicing cycle.
Staff Members
Improved access to timesheets and data
Mandate codes are found directly within the timesheet application, which facilitates the entry of time and expenses by staff members. Client information is centralized and up to date, ensuring that everyone has the latest information at their disposal at all times.
IT Team
Easier system maintenance
Integrate your applications to the Microsoft platform to facilitate migrations and maintenance as data and tools are all based on the same technology. Fewer customizations are required, facilitating system maintenance and increasing possibilities in terms of reporting.

Case Study

A 100-person accounting firm was on the search for an ERP solution that would automate as much of their business processes as possible and reduce the time required throughout their entire billing cycle. See how this firm can now process invoices 4 times faster with JOVACO’s solution for accounting firms.

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Process Invoices
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