One of the main challenges architecture firms have to overcome is managing projects of various sizes, often simultaneously. A project management solution for architecture firms offers optimal visibility on your entire portfolio and all the tools you need to manage and track all your projects, regardless of their size and complexity.

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Need a global view of your operations

The various departments of your firm use different systems and applications that are not integrated. As a result, it can be difficult to obtain the information you need.

Need precise estimates and timelines

You need to have all the information necessary on hand to obtain precise estimates and timelines for the proposals submitted to your clients.

Complex resource planning

As several clients can have more than one contract in effect at a time, it can be hard to react quickly to unforeseen circumstances and to use your resources to their full capacity.

Advanced invoicing requirements

You have to manage multicompany and interdepartmental transactions, not to mention different invoicing criteria and revenue recognition methods.




Obtain a 360° view of your firm

Bridge the gap between your operational and financial teams. Ensure everyone has access to the same data, including contextualized information based on the client or project. Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports also offer a 360° view of your clients and projects.


Improve control of your projects

Have a better understanding of your operations by tracking costs and revenue in real time and automatically allocating project details to the right accounts. This allows you to have better control over financial details and better visibility into project profitability.


Accelerate your invoicing cycle

A flexible invoicing module puts customizable templates and views at your disposal, facilitating your invoicing process. This not only reduces the risk of write-offs and bad debt, it also accelerates your invoicing cycle and improves your cashflows.


Improve the tracking of hours coded to projects

Your employees and subcontractors can code their time based on a predefined project structure linked to the financial system. Project managers can track worked hours by milestone or by phase as data becomes available in real time and is automatically allocated to the right project phase.


Optimize the utilization of your resources

Obtain a global view of project timelines to better estimate the effort required until completion. An advanced planning and control tool also lets you optimize the utilization and workloads of your resources to ensure that your projects are always delivered in the agreed timeframes.


Support your long-term business growth

The system is scalable, allowing you to add modules and change your business rules as your organization and its needs evolve. The system is also designed to support increasingly complex projects as well as several companies and additional currencies if needed, supporting your business in the long term.

for all users

Better visibility on key data
Advanced analysis capabilities allow management to review the health and profitability of projects. Real-time information also provides optimal visibility on project performance and productivity by resource, department or business unit.
Automated and streamlined processes
An integrated solution reduces the risk of double entries, manual entries and coding errors. Invoicing requirements and the allocation to projects are automated, which means fewer adjustments, easier tracking of partial billing, and an accelerated invoicing cycle.
Project Team
Easier access to timesheets and data
Architects can enter their time and expenses from anywhere and review the tasks that have been allocated to them directly from their timesheet. Comments and attachments also facilitate communication by providing more detail on the tasks that have been completed.
Project Managers
Real-time view on project status
Project managers can manage projects of any size and structure with our project operations platform. They also have access to real-time project information as well as to the level of detail and the reports they need to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Case Study

An architecture firm has acquired multiple smaller firms over the past couple of years, but since everyone had their own way of working, management was having a hard time obtaining a complete picture of what was in their project portfolio. See how a project management solution for architecture firms has helped them overcome their challenges.

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