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How can a Dynamics solution help optimize your organization’s operations?

Benefit from a flexible solution that lets you manage your operations from a single place. Integrate your different tools into one application and centralize information so that it can be easily linked and tracked to day-to-day activities, events, and member communications.


Improve response times

By having all contact details in one place, staff members can easily find the information that they need.


Create reports
more efficiently

Having your organization’s data within a single application facilitates the compilation and filtering of information to prepare reports for grants or other governmental purposes.


Configure the application to meet your needs

Leverage customization capabilities without extensive infrastructure or high development costs to have an application that works the way you do.


Manage budgets more efficiently

Track activities, budgets, grants, and costs by group or service to have an accurate view of your current budgets.

Optimize your organization. Read the case study to learn how a not-for-profit organization optimized its operations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

How can you use this tool within your organization?

Know your members better

Track different activities from the same place to follow up on them easily and review past activities to better understand your members’ future needs.

Centralize your information

Enter all contact details in one place so that staff members across your organization can easily review and create lists based on specific criteria.

Reduce the number of peripheral applications

Entering all information in one place reduces the amount of non-integrated Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and paper files regarding a particular person or activity.

Customize the solution to meet your needs

All organizations have their particularities. Having an application that is easily configurable ensures that you have a tool specifically designed to meet your needs.

Facilitate your budget and grant tracking

Keep track of your budgets in real time with an application that makes it easier for you to allocate costs and fees.

Mobile capabilities

Staff members, even those who are always on the road, can access information from within your system, anywhere, anytime.

Learn how you can integrate your financials and operations by reading this case study about an organization that integrated its entire business with the financial system Microsoft Dynamics GP and the customer management tool Dynamics CRM.

Benefits for every user across your organization


Have more time to focus on what really matters by enabling your staff members to be more efficient in their day-to-day activities. You will have more time to analyze your past activities since all your information will be available within your solution, giving you an accurate portrait of what your members want and need.


Access the information you need to manage and track your budgets. Create reports that are more accurate and build them faster by having your information in one place. An integrated system will also bridge the gap between your operations and finance departments.

Staff Members

Empower staff members by enabling them to access the information they need to do their jobs and to work in an environment with an interface similar to other Microsoft tools that they may already be using.

IT Director

Even with a limited IT budget and infrastructure, you can customize the solution and have an online installation, which will reduce overhead costs typically associated with CRM applications.

Every member of your organization can benefit from a new application. Read our eBook on why you should integrate your CRM to your financials and discover how different staff members would benefit from an integrated system.

Signs that you may need a new system

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