Consulting Firms

Benefit from a management system for consulting firms to manage all your data and overcome your operational challenges. Growing consulting firms often have several projects to manage simultaneously, involving several keyholders in various departments. A business management system for consulting firms centralizes all your data to provide a complete picture of your clients and projects and make them easier to manage, from lead to invoicing.

Are these situations familiar
to your organization?

Lack of visibility on key data

You lack visibility on your backlog as well as on your sales and projects, which makes planning difficult.

Non-centralized information

Information related to leads, clients, and products is scattered in various paper documents and Excel spreadsheets.

Multiple interdepartmental requests

Your firm’s various departments often have to ask other teams to obtain the information they need.

Trouble accessing your employees’ data

When sales reps leave your firm, it may be difficult or even impossible to retrieve the contacts and data they accumulated.




Empower the members of your firm

Facilitate access to the data the members of your team need. By centralizing key data within a single system, users can access the details and tools they need without having to request them from other teams, greatly simplifying their tasks.


Track your pipeline more effectively

Integrate your entire sales cycle with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to track it more easily. By benefitting from better visibility on opportunities and the sales pipeline, your sales reps can conclude more sales and will never miss out on an opportunity again.


Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction

You can benefit from a complete view on all your data within a single platform, automate tracking activities, and better manage internal requests. By having all your tools and files within reach, you can provide high-quality service to your clients, every time.


Have all data you need within reach

Do away with your Excel spreadsheets, paper documents, and Word files. Reports are available out of the box to provide all the data you need. Users can then view the information they need how they need it.


Accelerate your invoicing cycle

Benefit from a flexible invoicing module to meet your clients’ conditions and quickly generate invoices. Rates and calculations are automated based on your criteria as soon as hours are entered into our integrated timesheet application.


Adapt the solution to your needs

Flexible and module-based, the solution can be adapted to your specific processes and needs. This increases your user adoption rate with an intuitive and familiar work environment from which users can complete all their daily tasks.

Des avantages pour
tous les utilisateurs

Better visibility on key data
A business system for consulting firms offers a global view on project health and profitability, as well as on the backlog. Management also has all the analytical tools needed to leverage the wealth of data stored in the ERP system and make quick, informed business decisions.
Sales Director
Higher sales numbers
Better visibility on the sales pipeline allows the sales director to collaborate with marketing to ensure the pipeline is always full and never miss out on an opportunity. Sales can also coordinate their activities with operations to maximize your firm’s utilization rate and increase its sales.
Project Managers
Improved project control
Project managers can enjoy better visibility on projects with JOVACO Project, either at a global or granular level. The integrated timesheet provides real-time visibility on hours for better control of costs and budgets. They can also better react to changes and unforeseen events to always deliver projects on time.
Accelerated invoicing process
By streamlining the invoicing process, you can reduce the number of back-and-forth communications and necessary adjustments. The timesheet is integrated to projects and financials, providing the administration with the detail of hours as soon as they are approved. Invoices can be sent to clients more quickly as a result.

Modules for
Consulting Firms

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