Engineering firms often have to manage several long-term projects all at the same time, often involving several groups and disciplines. As such, tracking costs and revenue in real time is crucial to deliver your projects on budget and on time. A project management solution for engineering firms provides all the tools you need to obtain a better understanding and a better control of your projects.

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Overlapping projects over several years

Your projects are all very different from each other and often overlap. They also involve the participation of different departments at the same time.

Complex invoicing requirements

You need to be able to justify the time and expenses linked to your projects. Their structure is often complex, which requires multiple rates and invoicing rules.

Need for long-term planning

You need a global view of your backlog in order to properly plan for projects that often take place over several years.

Advanced reporting needs

Top management and project managers all have specific reporting needs and require a view of your organization both at the macro and micro levels.




Increase your analytical capabilities

Benefit from reports specifically designed for engineering firms and from the Microsoft Power BI business intelligence tools to obtain insights on the evolution of your projects as well as profitability by client, project or department.


Obtain better control over your projects

Follow the progress of your projects in real time and make quick adjustments when necessary. With the right tools to manage your budgets and resources efficiently, you ensure that your projects are always delivered on time.


Manage projects with complex structures

Our solution is made to support the long-term growth of your business. It is both robust enough to support your business processes and flexible enough to manage increasingly complex project structures as your firm evolves.


Accelerate your invoicing cycle

The integrated timesheet allows you to obtain the hour details in real time, while an advanced invoicing module helps you meet various project and client requirements. This accelerates your invoicing and increases your cashflows.


Leverage your firm's talent

Optimize the workloads and utilization rates of your resources by allowing interdepartmental staff lending. Automate employee lending markups to obtain a better understanding of profits and losses by department.


Maximize your billable hours

Automate your processes and optimize your planning to maximize the number of billable hours and your profits. An integrated HR module and detailed reports let you review employee performance in comparison to billable targets and to maximize productivity.

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Better visibility on key data
Robust reporting and analytical capabilities let you review the health and profitability of your projects more efficiently. Management can also obtain data updated in real time, better insights into project performance, and productivity rates for employees and departments.
Automated and streamlined processes
The full data integration reduces the risk of coding errors and double entries. Automated invoicing requirements and allocation to projects reduce the amount of adjustments required, while various invoicing methods can be associated to contract details based on their specific criteria.
Project Team
Easier access to timesheets and data
Employees can enter their time and expenses from anywhere via the web and review their tasks and priorities directly from their timesheet. They can also add comments and attachments to facilitate the invoicing process.
Project Managers
Real-time view on project status
Project managers have access to project information updated in real time as employees fill out their timesheets. They can also benefit from the level of visibility they need on project progress and budgets to take quick, informed business decisions.

Case Study

An engineering firm of 100 employees experienced some substantial growth over the last couple of years and now has 4 offices across multiple provinces. This growth and the growth planned over the next years made it clear there was a lack of understanding of results across their different lines of business. See how JOVACO was able to implement a robust management solution for engineering firms to structure their organization.

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