Project Manufacturing

In an environment as fast-paced as project design and manufacturing, everyone in the organization must have access to the information they need when they need it, both at the financial and operational levels. Benefit from a platform specifically designed for project manufacturing to manage your entire production cycle, create precise cost estimates and improve visibility on your order backlog.

Are these situations familiar
to your organization?

Projects taking place over long periods

Your projects are lengthy and often overlap, resulting in complex timelines that can be difficult to manage and properly plan for.

Complex procurement process

You have to manage several delivery deadlines all at the same time, and delays risk postponing the completion of your projects.

Design unique to each client

The design of each project is complex and often unique to the client. Each project has its specific features to consider during the entire process.

Need to track budgets closely

You need to track your production costs in real time to deliver your projects within the agreed budgets.




Manage your entire manufacturing cycle

Automate markup calculations to obtain precise cost estimates. Create projects and bills of materials, and break them down into phases and milestones for better tracking and control. The solution lets you track work orders, operations, purchases and costs closely.


Improve visibility on your costs

A web-based timesheet lets employees enter their time from anywhere, allowing you to track labour costs for the operations of each work order in real time. This improves visibility on your various project costs, avoiding unforeseen events and cost overruns.


Maximize project profitability

Optimize your production plans and decrease downtimes by managing your backlog with an integrated solution. The data collection module lets you track labour costs in real time and codes the information automatically to the right project for a real-time overview of your costs.


Optimize resource utilization

Plan your production in real time and quickly react to unforeseen events by taking advantage of the advanced planning and scheduling (APS) and resource levelling features to automate adjustments. The planning and control module lets you optimize resource utilization levels and evaluate how new projects might affect current production.


Save up on procurement costs

Manage your purchase cycle from requisitions to billing. Save up on costs by grouping together the purchases needed for your various projects and improve control with an approval process based on your specific business rules. Purchases are then automatically coded to the right project for a better understanding of their profitability.


Ensure client satisfaction

Centralize communications exchanged with clients and follow up with them when needed. The advanced planning and scheduling tool offers increased visibility on the progress and costs of your projects, allowing you to give clients precise delivery dates and keep them up to date on any changes.

for all users

Better visibility on key data
Real-time visibility on individual work orders and global operations makes it easier to review the various metrics and performance indicators relevant to your firm. It also allows you to quickly review project profitability and the productivity levels of your factory and resources.
Automated and streamlined processes
The integrated solution reduces the amount of manual interventions and double entries as well as the risk of coding errors. Invoicing requirements and cost allocations to clients and projects are automated, accelerating your invoicing cycle and facilitating the tasks of your accounting team.
Project Managers
Real-time view on project status
Increased visibility on project progress and cost analysis facilitates change management throughout the entire project and makes it easier to meet deadlines. Communications and client requests are centralized, facilitating any necessary follow-ups and keeping you up to date on all communications exchanged with them.
Production Manager
Optimization of resource utilization levels
The advanced planning and scheduling (APS) tool allows you to optimize the workloads of your resources and equipment and make quick adjustments in case of unforeseen circumstances. Schedules can be generated based on the constraints of your various resources to meet deadlines and delivery dates while respecting priorities.

Modules for
Project Manufacturing

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