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Complex schedules and timelines, simultaneous projects, quick business growth … These are only a few of the challenges that firms in the information technology sector have to face. A business management solution for IT firms provides the right tools to overcome your daily challenges, accurately track billable hours, and accelerate your invoicing process.

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Several projects to manage at once

Your projects take place over long periods of time and involve several phases and milestones. Moreover, many smaller teams contribute to them at the same time.

Advanced invoicing needs

Your invoicing process often includes several rates at the same time depending on the product, project and type of resource involved.

Many clients and contracts to track

You have several clients to manage at any given time, some with several contracts at once. Keeping track of your different clients and projects can be difficult.

Complex resource planning

Due to the high number of clients with simultaneous contracts, it can be hard to maximize the capacity of your resources. This means it can be difficult to make necessary adjustments and react quickly in case of unforeseen circumstances.




Improve control of your projects

Improve project control by benefitting from real-time visibility on the progress and budgets of your projects. Timesheets are integrated to projects and task planning, allowing you to maximize the utilization of your resources as well as your billable hours.


Accelerate your invoicing cycle

Manage complex invoicing requirements and benefit from customizable invoice templates with an advanced invoicing module. The detail of worked hours becomes available as soon as time is entered into timesheets, allowing you to generate invoices more quickly.


Improve efficiency across your firm

Maximize the productivity of your resources in their daily tasks by integrating the various components of your system. Users then have access to all their tools from a single source, which also reduces the risk of coding errors, repeated manual entries, and double entries.


Facilitate access to information

Specific reports provide all key information by project, department or client for quick, informed business decisions. Client information and communications are centralized, facilitating access to data, case handoff, and knowledge sharing.


Optimize your processes

Standardize various processes across your organization to facilitate the daily tasks of your personnel. You can also automate certain processes, for example by automatically opening mandates as soon as the contract is signed, to increase efficiency across your organization.


Increase customer loyalty

Ensure all your employees have the necessary data on hand to offer efficient, personalized service, track service requests, and stay up to date on client status at all times. By offering outstanding customer service, you stand out from your competitors and cement client loyalty to your firm.

for all users

Better visibility on key data
The integration of projects to finances offers real-time visibility on project health, productivity levels, and profitability by project, client or department. Various metrics and key performance indicators also make it possible to review financial and operational data efficiently.
Accelerated processes and invoicing cycle
Invoicing requirements and cost allocations to clients and projects are automated, reducing the number of manual entries, double entries, and coding errors. Your invoicing cycle is also accelerated, which decreases the risk of write-offs and bad debt.
Staff Members
Easier access to timesheets and data
Staff members can review their priorities and the tasks affected to them directly from their timesheet. Communications and client requests are centralized, which lets them carry out necessary follow-ups and stay up to date on all communications exchanged with clients.
Project Managers
Real-time view on project status
The resource planning module lets you optimize resource utilization to maximize the number of billable hours. Complex projects can be managed thanks to multicompany, interdepartment and multicurrency functionalities, while detailed reports improve project follow-ups for timely delivery.

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