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Manage your entire organization with Microsoft Dynamics

Take advantage of a robust platform that can grow with your business and that offers enough flexibility to be easily customized to meet your specific needs. This way, you can manage every aspect of your business from a single system and gain a better understanding of your different operations and departments.


Easier access to client information

Access and manage all of your client information from one place to optimize your operations and processes. Dashboards and reports can be created and accessed from the CRM for a 360-degree view of your clients that can be personalized to include company-specific processes. Members across your organization then have access to the details that they need updated in real time.


Shorter billing cycles and increased cash flow

Automating various client billing requirements alleviates the burden on your accounting department. The templates and customizable views facilitate the invoicing process, shortening your billing cycle, reducing the risk of write-offs and bad debt, which in turn will help improve your cash flow.


Improved tracking of your employees’ time

An integrated timesheet allows your organization to automate its time and expense entry process, reducing the amount of time spent entering the data while ensuring that the information is reliable. Time is coded according to a predefined project structure linked to the financial system, providing more detailed information to both the project and accounting teams.


Lower total cost of ownership to maintain your system

A Microsoft Dynamics solution is both robust and flexible enough to be customized according to the specific needs of your organization and industry without requiring costly developments. It also facilitates the upgrade and maintenance of your system and limits the additional costs associated with the upkeep of a custom or in-house system.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers powerful tools for you to better know your customers and provide them with a customer service experience that exceeds expectations. Read our eBook and discover new ways to impress your clients.

How could I use this tool within my organization?

Client activities maintained in one place for easier follow-ups

Store your tasks, meetings and notes in a centralized location for improved efficiency and productivity. The integration to other Microsoft products such as Office and Outlook facilitates tasks and operations. Information is updated in real time and is available across your organization, ensuring that everyone is up to date and able to provide stellar customer service.

Timesheets integrated to client projects and financials

Enter time and expenses from anywhere with a Web-based timesheet that allows resources to directly input information to the appropriate projects. The integration to the financial system allows for improved control as well as fewer double entries and errors. Additional features such as comments and attachments also help the billing department finalize invoices more efficiently.

Extensive invoicing features to meet all your clients’ needs

Thanks to the full integration, time and expense information can be automatically allocated to any project, even those with complex terms and conditions. You can mix and match billing terms and revenue recognition methods to meet the requirements of any client, and manage multi-company and multi-currency transactions as well.

Robust and flexible reporting capabilities

Easily create your own dashboards to obtain better visibility on any aspect of your business. With the integration to Microsoft Office, you have extensive reporting features at your disposal to create your own Excel and Power BI reports. From customized reports to charts and graphs, you will be able to get the data that you need in the format that best suits you, without programmers required to develop ad hoc reports for your various team.

Better understanding of your operations

Obtain a better understanding of your operations by tracking project costs and revenue in real time and automatically allocating project details to the appropriate accounts. Maintain control of finances to have a more accurate view of your project profitability levels. By having better visibility on your costs and revenue, you will be able to make informed business decisions more quickly.

Adaptable to the way you do business

The solution is easily customizable to adapt to your business processes, and tools are available to facilitate the integration to other applications that you are already using. Different deployment methods are also available to ensure that your solution meets the needs and realities of your organization. This way, your solution can grow with your business and help meet your goals both in the short and long term.

Prevent profit loss caused by unbillable hours and miscoded projects. View our infographic to find out how your firm can benefit from using timesheets.

Benefits for every user across your organization


Extensive analysis capabilities allow managers to review the health and profitability of specific clients. The complete integration ensures that they get financial and client details updated in real time. They can also access and review personalized dashboards for better visibility into staff, departmental or business unit performance.


The integrated solution reduces the number of manual and double entries as well as the risk of coding errors. Billing requirements and cost allocations to clients and projects are automated, which means less time spent adjusting invoices to help reduce the length of time required to produce and send them.

Staff Members

The Web-based time and expense application allows your staff members to enter their time and expenses from anywhere. They can easily review their vacation and banked hours as well as their pay stubs from a single application, which reduces the number of back-and-forth communications with the HR and payroll teams.

Operations Team

Documents and communications are stored within a centralized solution for easy access to the information. This allows members of the operations team to review the actions carried out by other employees so that they can understand exactly where they are at, know at a glance the status of an account, and easily hand off cases to each other.

Everyone across your organization can benefit from an integrated solution. Read our eBook to learn how integrating your finances to your CRM can help these four key members.

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