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Placement agencies have specific challenges to overcome. Indeed, they often have to manage a large number of resources placed with different client companies for long periods of time. A business management solution for placement agencies gives you all the tools you need to meet the requests of your clients and track all your resources. This way, you can ensure a positive experience for both your clients and subcontractors.

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Large number of subcontractors

You are involved with numerous contract workers, which can make it difficult to properly track all your employees, placements, and resources.

Complex sales structure

Each of your clients can have several contracts in place at the same time, not to mention different needs in terms of subcontractors, agreements, and invoicing.

Numerous timesheets to collect

Gathering timesheets can be a challenge as your employees all work in different locations. Entering data into the system is done manually and is time-consuming.

Need visibility on key data

Profitability by client, for example, and other key details can be hard to find when the information is scattered between different documents and systems.




Have better visibility on your contracts

The integration between timesheets and contracts offers better visibility into profitability by client, contract or business group. Rate cards allow you to automate different rates depending on the resource, task or activity for a better control of your projects.


Ensure access to data updated in real time

When all your resources work in different client companies, it can be difficult to promptly capture all worked hours. A web-based, integrated timesheet allows employees to enter their time easily, ensuring the information becomes quickly available.


Optimize the tracking of your pipeline

Track your mandates, contracts, and opportunities, and keep a view on the contracts that are about to expire. By renewing those mandates without delay, you prevent the risk of employees looking for new contracts somewhere else.


Improve the entirety of your processes

Have all the tools on hand to manage your mandates and increase productivity by standardizing and automating your processes. This reduces the risk of coding errors and repeated manuals entries, while increasing the efficiency of your finances and operations teams.


Always find the gem your clients are looking for

The solution offers increased visibility on your client accounts, placements and applications. By tracking these elements more closely, you can optimize placements by recommending candidates that meet the specific needs of your clients.


Increase the satisfaction of your resources

With up-to-date information available in the system as soon as it is entered, you can process your invoices a lot more quickly. This allows you to issue your subcontractors’ pay without delay, ensuring a positive experience for everyone.

for all users

Better visibility on key data
Specific reports offer better visibility on the information you need, including profitability by client, mandate or business group. This helps make quick, informed business decisions despite complex business structures and multiple departments involved.
Automated and streamlined processes
The integration between the various components of the system makes it possible to obtain timesheets and approvals as soon as they are complete, facilitating and accelerating the invoicing process. The information becomes available in the system as soon as the contract is signed, offering real-time visibility on mandates.
Account Manager
Improved tracking of client accounts
Communications and client requests are centralized, providing a better understanding of their account. Robust intelligence business tools let you perform advanced analyses, obtain a better overview of the health of each client, and make better business decisions.
IT Team
Easier system maintenance
The systems are easier to maintain and manage even with a small IT team and limited budget. An online installation also reduces fees related to infrastructure and hardware, while keeping your solution up to date automatically.

Case Study

A business management solution for placement agencies, recruitment and outsourcing firms can help them support their current operations and long-term growth. Here are a few of the issues most commonly faced by agencies responsible for placing staff members at their clients, and how JOVACO Project can help solve them.

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