Placement Agencies

A complete solution to manage your business

Have a complete view of your clients and resources


Placement agencies manage a large number of resources that are outsourced to clients for long periods of time. Following all your resources will help you meet your clients’ various requirements and ensure a positive customer experience.

Gain additional insight into your projects
Understand the details of your projects and track your costs and revenue more accurately. The time flows directly from the timesheet into your project accounting module to give you a better idea of your profitability level by customer, project or business group. Create detailed rate cards for employees who are billed out at different rates according to their tasks or activities to help you manage your projects in real time.
No longer lose revenue from undocumented time
When your resources work at different companies, it can be difficult to get their information entered and captured into the system without delay. With a web-based timesheet integrated to your company’s financial system, you can be assured that the information will be entered promptly and that the data will be accurate.
Increase your resources’ satisfaction
Since information is more accurate and entered into the system faster, invoices can be validated and subcontractors paid more rapidly, too.
Integrate your projects to your financial system
Keep up to date on time spent on a particular project to better track costs and revenue. Ensure that information is accurate by having a system that lets you manage all aspects of your projects while being integrated in one place. Build processes based upon a robust financial system.
Master your pipeline
Track for mandates, contracts, and opportunities to know as quickly as possible when one of your resource’s mandate is about to expire. This allows you to renew their mandate before they have the chance to start looking for another contract elsewhere.

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