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Make your clients the heart of your organization with a solution for professional services that provides all the tools needed to track client activities, from proposal to profits. Take advantage of a view on tasks and activities, the requirements for your various business units, and the progress and profitability of your projects to always deliver them on time and on budget.

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to your organization?

Numerous client files to manage

Your employees sometimes have a hard time obtaining the information they need, which affects the level of service they can offer clients and complicates the transfer of files.

Advanced invoicing needs

You have to handle several types of invoices to meet specific criteria, and your projects have complex structures that require various billing methods.

Several projects to track simultaneously

You need to closely track the progress, budget and profitability at the different phases of your projects, and also need to make quick adjustments in case of unforeseen changes.

Complex resource planning and scheduling

Managing the schedules and workloads for your various resources can become difficult as they are often working on several projects at any given time.




Improve control over your projects

Track your costs, revenue and the hours invested into each of your projects in real time. Manage change requests quickly and review real-time information to better control budgets and always deliver projects within the agreed budgets and timeframes.


Centralize all your client information

Group together all the information for your various client activities and ensure it’s always up to date across the entire system. This provides an accurate overview of your works in progress, financial details and upcoming opportunities.


Improve your cashflows

Automate and standardize various processes to improve the productivity of your staff and facilitate their daily tasks. This accelerates your invoicing cycle and reduces the risk of write-offs and bad debt, which in turn improves your cashflows.


Maximize your billable hours

Obtain a detailed view of the utilization rates of your resources to optimize their schedules and workloads. Benefit from an advanced planning tool to assign specific tasks to your staff members.


Facilitate your invoicing process

Combine various billing types within the same project depending on the different contract details and benefit from customizable templates to facilitate the process and meet all the invoicing requirements of your clients.


React quickly to unforeseen events

The integration between timesheets and projects offers real-time visibility on project status and the number of hours invested into them. This allows you to quickly react to any changes and avoid cost overruns.

for all users

Better visibility on key data
Thanks to the integrated project management solution, members of the management team have a global overview of the backlog and the necessary analysis capabilities to review the health and profitability of clients, departments or lines of business.
Accelerated processes and invoicing cycle
The integration between projects and financial data eliminates the need to duplicate or manually enter information. Information is automatically coded to the right project, while customizable templates reduce the number of adjustments required, accelerating your invoicing process.
Staff Members
Improved access to timesheets and data
Staff members can fill out their timesheet from a mobile application, while favorites and recurrences facilitate the process even more. They can also review their priorities and planned activities directly from their timesheet, on top of being able to access their banked hours and vacation themselves.
IT Team
Easier system maintenance
A complete solution based on the Microsoft platform is easier to maintain in terms of updates and report modifications, as the information is stored in SQL databases. The solution can also be deployed online, on premises, or even hosted depending on your specific needs.

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Professional Services

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