Research and Testing Firms

A project accounting solution with you in mind

Track detailed costs and inventory

Tracking project costs as well as managing grants and budgets is very important for research and development firms. You need all the necessary details to support your project structures and to receive grants.

Have the details you need to support the structures of your projects
The solution lets you have detailed structures with an unlimited number of levels for projects that span multiple years. You can track costs easily and efficiently, and account for all materials in order to have an accurate job cost for each project.
Review your resource utilization rates
Get a snapshot of your utilization rates by resource or by group of resources to maximize their time and manage current and new contracts more efficiently. Manage equipment too to make sure projects stay on time and to minimize downtime.
Build a project structure to better manage your grants
Reduce the amount of time required to calculate the number of hours and costs linked to a particular project. Detailed project structures let you differentiate costs within each of your projects and ensure that each cost is linked to a specific project.
Integrate your project accounting to your financial modules
Keep track of costs and revenue for all your organization’s projects. Maintain the integrity of your information by having all the different parts of your project management system integrated into one. Build your processes based on a robust financial system.