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Firms working in the Research & Development sector have specific needs. A management solution for R&D firms offers all the tools you need to manage your grants and complete your projects on budget and on time. Benefit from real-time visibility on the costs and hours invested into your projects to better control their budgets and progress, and ensure timely project delivery every time.

Are these situations familiar
to your organization?

Several sources of funding

You have numerous grants to manage and track to ensure that all your various projects are properly financed.

Need to track costs closely

One of your daily challenges is tracking hours and costs, and ensuring that the information is coded to the right project.

Commitment to transparency

You need to track your budgets accurately and submit reports to the various organizations funding your projects.

Numerous purchase orders to manage

Different people in your firm have to place orders for material or equipment for several different projects at once.




Improve control of your projects

With projects sometimes taking place over several years, having detailed project structures with an unlimited number of levels is crucial. Specialized tools let you track their evolution efficiently to complete them within the allocated budgets and timeframes.


Manage your sources of funding

Benefit from optimal visibility on your budgets to manage your grants and other sources of funding. Calculate hours and costs with precision, differentiate costs within each project and ensure that all costs are linked to the right project in the first place.


Track your costs more efficiently

Increase visibility on your costs by cost center, by activity or by event, and track labour and tax credits with accuracy. Having this information on hand allows you to better control your budgets throughout the entire lifecycle of your projects.


Have access to real-time information

Integrate your projects to your financial system to preserve the integrity of your data. The various members of your firm then have access to accurate, up-to-date information as soon as it becomes available in the system, facilitating their daily tasks.


Optimize the utilization of your resources

Benefit from a detailed view of the utilization levels of your resources to optimize their workloads and maximize productivity across your organization. Minimize downtime and deliver projects on time with the proper tools to manage your equipment.


Adapt the solution to your specific needs

Take advantage of a flexible, scalable solution to adapt your processes to your specific realities rather than the other way around. The solution supports your current processes and your long-term growth, maximizing the return on your investment.

for all users

Project Managers
Real-time view on project status
The centralization of data and the integration between the various components of the system offer increased visibility on the details of each project. Project managers can then track hours, costs, and budgets accurately and always deliver projects on time.
Automated and streamlined processes
The solution offers optimal visibility on projects and makes it easier to track costs, which are automatically coded to the right project to reduce manual interventions. Reports are generated easily and can be customized based on your needs and the requirements of the organizations funding your projects.
Staff Members
Access to timesheets and data from anywhere
A web-based timesheet lets staff members enter their time easily from anywhere. They can also review the tasks that have been allocated to them directly from their timesheet, facilitating time entry and keeping them up to date on current priorities.
IT Team
Easier system maintenance
Flexible and scalable, the solution can be easily adapted to your business processes and integrated to the applications already in use within your organization. Various deployment methods are also available to ensure that the system meets your specific needs and realities.

Modules for
Research and Development

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