Case Study

Action main-d'oeuvre inc.
Not-For-Profit Organization

When Action main-d’oeuvre, a not-for-profit organization based in Montreal, began researching for a potential solution, the organization knew that they needed a system that would not be too expensive and that did not have large infrastructure needs.  They managed all of their transactions with paper documents, Excel spreadsheets and Word files. These documents were not linked together therefore extrapolating information to
create reports was a very long and manual process. The organization was therefore looking for a system that would help them consolidate all details regarding their participants and resources, track their current and past activities and collect and compile information for the production of various reports.

It was also very important for them to have a software that was easy to learn and use so that the staff could easily adapt to it. Based on these criteria, JOVACO Solutions proposed to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

After being on the system for less than a year, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has met their initial internal needs and they have made great progress in getting everyone ramped up on the system. The team feels that it has really helped them structure their organization and optimize their services, not only for the participants, but their various partners as well.

Learn more by downloading the Action main-d’oeuvre case study.

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