White paper
MS Dynamics 365 CRM

Case Study: Bureau de la sécurité privée

When BSP (Bureau de la Sécurité Privée) turned to JOVACO Solutions for help, it was because the organization was being faced with multiple difficulties. Thousands of paper records and annual payments had to be managed individually and manually, which considerably slowed down the processing time of permit applications. The financial data was scattered across multiple Excel spreadsheets and the solution used at the time could no longer able to meet the growing needs of BSP.

After a thorough analysis of BSP’s needs, JOVACO Solutions proposed Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Soon after, the company was able to automate its processes and clerical tasks and decrease the processing time of applications to offer the best quality services to its customers while maintaining data security.

This successful project was the result of a close collaboration between a qualified partner and an involved customer and has allowed BSP to benefit from a solution that meets their exact needs.

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