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Here are some of the features of past GP Optimizer issues

Volume 11 – Summer 2017

  • Easier Cash Receipts in Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • The Secret to Implementing Perpetual Inventory
  • CPM as the Solution to Navigating Multiple Cloud Systems
  • I Spy with My Little BI

Volume 10 – Winter 2017

  • Is your Transportation Solution Shipping Money Out the Door?
  • The Secret Ingredient in the Success of a Project: Having the Right Tools
  • Mobile Solution Maximizes Efficiencies for Field Service Companies

Volume 9 – Summer 2016

  • Streamlining Incoming Shipments with Container Management
  • What to Consider Before Taking Off Into The Cloud
  • Supercharging your Dynamics GP Investment
  • Planning the Way to Your Project’s Success

Volume 8 – Winter 2016

  • AP Automation for Dynamics GP Users
  • Affordable Care Act: Questions Answered
  • New Year’s Resolution: Keep Better Track of Your Time

Volume 7 – Summer 2015

  • Self-Service Business Intelligence for GP: What does that mean for me?
  • The Dynamics Duo: Microsoft Dynamics GP and AP Automation
  • Managing Long-Term Investment Assets in Dynamics GP
  • Keeping Your Department Managers Happy

Volume 6 – Winter 2015

  • Solve your Invoicing Insomnia
  • New Year’s Resolution: Shape Up Your Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Great Growth: Can You Scale?

Volume 5 – Summer 2014

  • What’s Next After FRx?
  • How Project Accounting Can Help with Your ABCs
  • The Ability to Respond to Unexpected Business Fast

Volume 3 – Summer 2013

  • BI Here, There… BI Everywhere
  • How to Bridge the Gap Between your Operations and Finance Departments
  • Improve Customer Experience: Simplify Your Point of Sale System

Volume 2 – Winter 2013

  • Making Receivables Easier to Manage
  • Improvement in Quality Improves the Economy
  • Managing Long-Term Investment Assets in Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Reduce your Number of Manual Transactions

Volume 1 – Summer 2012

  • Signs That You Have Outgrown Analytical Accounting
  • The Twofold Twins vs. Myrtle the Receptionist
  • Taking Reporting and Budgeting for Dynamics GP to the Next Level
  • The Quality Habit: Affordable Improvement for any Organization
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