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Solve Your Invoicing Insomnia

Are all of your different customer invoicing needs and requirements keeping you up at night? Do you have to stay late to manually adjust your invoices or entries? Trying to understand why there is so many billing delays?

Within the world of professional services, it is often the case that the invoicing needs are much more complex than that of a typical manufacturing firm. This is usually due to the fact that you need to include a lot more detail than just the price of an item multiplied by the quantity, and descriptions are typically longer than just a part number.

Due to the variety and complexity when billing services, there are additional challenges that a professional service firm may face when billing their deliverables, time or expenses.

Read JOVACO’s article Solve Your Invoicing Insomnia and find out how having a project accounting module fully integrated to Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you improve your invoicing process.


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