APR 12

Happy Fabrikam Day!

April 12, 2016

The future is now! 10 years ago, April 12, 2017 was picked as the default date used by Fabrikam, the test company created for Microsoft Dynamics GP—and this day is now upon us!

As Dynamics GP partners are most likely aware, Fabrikam is a test company that allows for procedures and transactions to be used in a test environment, a functionality that has proven itself useful for thousands of users and partners over the years.

As such, Fabrikam Day has fostered a real sense of community: the hashtag is replete with pictures of people holding #FabrikamDay banners, GPUG chapters are organizing meetings and activities, and partners all over are taking the opportunity to show their appreciation of the developers at Microsoft (and Great Plains, back in the day), who created and maintained Fabrikam.

Over the years, we have come to feel a special connection with this fictional company. We’d also like to acknowledge Aaron Fitz and Ace Travel, Fabrikam’s first customer and vendor respectively, which are still at the heart of our demonstrations and tests to this day.

Want to know more? Amber Bell from Training Dynamo has written a nice post detailing the origins and background of Fabrikam.

We wish the Microsoft community a happy Fabrikam Day!