OCT 06

JOVACO Attending GPUG Summit 2017 in Nashville

October 6, 2017

As we strive to always be up to date on new developments and technologies, JOVACO will be attending this year’s GPUG Summit, which is taking place from October 10 to 13 in Nashville, TN. Over these 4 days, numerous panels and discussions will inform Microsoft Dynamics GP partners and users regarding any new developments while also providing the perfect opportunity to network and exchange.

Organised by Microsoft partners, GP User Group meetings offer both partners and users a community and support network. As such, they can meet up, exchange and participate to a variety of conferences and training sessions to make the most of their solutions or allow their customers to benefit from them. While local chapters meet up regularly in various cities, Montreal included, GPUG Summit is by far the largest conference, as it takes place over several days and offers a high number of information sessions and events.

JOVACO will be there, of course, as we pride ourselves on always remaining on top of new technologies and developments on the part of Microsoft and its partners so that we can keep providing our clients with a service that exceeds expectations. We hope to come back inspired and motivated by this conference and network opportunity, and allow our clients to benefit from it.