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Implementation Packages
Now Available for Microsoft
Dynamics CRM

September 28, 2016

Meet your specific needs with our new CRM implementation packages

As we constantly strive to offer our clients more flexibility and more value for their money, we are happy to launch brand-new turnkey packages for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to our existing and potential customers. These provide different levels of configuration to get started with a CRM system tailored to your needs and implemented within a short timeframe as well as within your budget.

Here are the CRM implementation packages that we currently offer:

  • Starter: Meant for small or new businesses that do not have existing CRM data already and that are looking for a simple solution to manage their contacts.
  • Basic: Focused on fundamental functionalities and with the minimum setup required to get you started in just a few days.
  • Standard: Ensures that you start with a strong foundation on which to build your company processes and business analytics.
  • Complete: Aimed at larger organizations that require as much control and flexibility as possible in order to manage complex business processes.

We also offer a variety of services at a flat rate, including consulting, development and configuration for workflows, business processes or dashboards. These will ensure that your CRM system is customized to meet your specific requirements and adapt to your business processes.

JOVACO always makes the utmost effort to deliver quality solutions that are flexible yet robust, and we are proud to say that these packages will help both current and potential customers get the exact solution to fit their business and reality.

Click here for more information about our CRM solution and to request the rate card for our turnkey packages.